Yoon Chan Young And Girl's Day's Minah Escort Ghosts By Taxi + Solve Crime In New Drama

Genie TV has unveiled two posters for its upcoming drama “Delivery Man”!

“Delivery Man” will tell the story of a taxi driver who can see ghosts (played by Yoon Chan Young) and a ghost suffering from memory loss (played by Girl’s Day’s Minah) as they work together to solve crime.

“All of Us Are Dead” star Yoon Chan Young will play the role of Seo Young Min, a taxi driver who only gives rides to ghosts and is willing to go anywhere as long as his passengers pay their fares. As part of his unique “ghost-only” service, Seo Young Min fulfills the wishes of his ghostly passengers while giving them a lift.

Minah will star as Kang Ji Hyun, a spirit who can’t remember her own identity. When she unexpectedly finds herself attached to Seo Young Min’s taxi, she teams up with him to crack cases on behalf of his passengers.

One of the newly released posters introduces the crime-solving duo as “a taxi driver who sees ghosts” and “a spirit chasing crime” as they welcome new clients. Seo Young Min holds up a card declaring that humans are not allowed in his cab, while Kang Ji Hyun holds up a card that reads, “Ghosts absolutely welcome!”

The second poster features Seo Young Min holding a finger up to his lips, hinting at the secretive nature of his business, while Kang Ji Hyun is mysteriously stuck to his one-of-a-kind taxi.

The caption reads, “This March, we’ll solve anything for you!”

The producers of “Delivery Man” teased, “The chemistry between Yoon Chan Young and Bang Minah, who have melted perfectly into their characters, is beyond our expectations. Their banter as they switch back and forth between mystery and comedy will deliver a dynamic kind of fun.”

“Delivery Man” will premiere on March 1 through Genie TV, ENA, and TVING.

In the meantime, watch Yoon Chan Young in “Hope or Dope 2” with subtitles below!

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