10 Old-School K-Pop Songs For When You're Feeling Nostalgic

Music has that ability to make anyone transcend into another space and time. Particular songs can remind you of certain friends, events, or even moments. The power of music and the emotions it evokes, especially nostalgia, is a beautiful thing. Here are 10 old-school K-pop songs that are sure to evoke those feelings to all K-pop listeners from a decade ago – or older!

1. “T.O.P” – Shinhwa

We’re taking it really far back here. Shinhwa’s song “T.O.P” in the late ’90s was a powerhouse of a single, and it was enough to put them on the charts for top songs, making them a strong contender to compete against the most popular K-pop groups at the time. You really can’t help but bop your head to this chorus whenever it comes on!

2. “Bad Boy” – BIGBANG

What would a nostalgic playlist be without the mention of BIGBANG? They’ve had countless hits that have spanned over a decade, so it’s no surprise that their songs continually grace the lists of many. Their song “Bad Boy” in particular is one that was released in 2008, and it swept the MAMA awards later that year.

Honorable mentions: “Fantastic Baby,” “Haru Haru,” “Lies,” etc.

3. “GEE”- Girls’ Generation

We can’t forget the legendary girl group Girls’ Generation, who is the epitome of girl group powerhouse. Their song “GEE” brought in a wave of new K-pop fans all over the world and continues to be a memorable song when it comes to thinking about the old days.

4. “December” – TURBO

Many may know Kim Jong Kook as the work-out king in Korean entertainment, but once upon a time he was a heartthrob K-pop idol, one half of the duo TURBO (they still do concerts today). Their song “December” was the perfect tune to listen to right when the winter crisp air would hit. A definite nostalgic hit!

5. “We are the Future” – H.O.T

Now this one is taking it way back. H.O.T is the first boy group that came from SM Entertainment. At the time, they were the only boy group, and they took South Korea by storm. Although their song “Candy” is considered to be THE nostalgic anthem, their song “We Are the Future” is one that also many generation X-ers fall into the memories of.

Fun fact: The founder of Soompi started this site to share her love for H.O.T at the time!

6. “Dear Mother” – g.o.d

g.o.d, who is said to be Korea’s national group, gave so much hope and love with their music. Their debut song “Dear Mother” evoked so much heart and emotion that it is one song that people will still continue to shed tears over.

7. “I Am the Best” – 2NE1

If we’re talking nostalgic girl groups, 2NE1 can’t be overlooked. They have countless hard-hitting bops that will evoke a lot of nostalgic emotions for any long-time K-pop fan. “I Am the Best” is just one of the many.

8. “Hands Up” – 2PM

OG 2PM songs will have many fans remembering more simpler times. Their song “Hands Up” continues to be parodied and mentioned on variety shows today. The upbeat and catchy tune is sure to pop up in nostalgic playlists well into the future!

9. “Rainism” – Rain

When it comes to Rain, there are a plethora of songs that take us back. From “It’s Raining” to “Love Song,” and more – the list is endless! But “Rainism” is a fan-favorite, and even Rain himself has mentioned that it is the song that probably best embodies himself.

10. “Hug”- TVXQ

TVXQ was one of those K-pop groups who drew in a mega wave of K-pop listeners when they first debuted. Their song “Hug” was an immediate hit, and any veteran K-pop listener will understand the feels that come with  listening to this song today.

Hey Soompiers, which K-pop song makes you feel nostalgic? Let me know in the comments below!

binahearts is a Korean-Canadian writer, content creator, and influencer whose ultimate biases are Song Joong Ki and BIGBANG, but has lately been seen obsessing over Hwang In Yeop. Make sure you follow binahearts on IG as she journeys through her latest Korean crazes!

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