JTBC’s new competition program “Peak Time” has announced their first global vote rankings!

“Peak Time” is a brand-new idol competition program in which teams battle for the chance to become the next “worldwide idol group.” Unlike other audition programs, its contestants consist entirely of male idols who have already debuted, whether currently active or part of a disbanded group.

In addition to MC Lee Seung Gi, the survival show boasts a star-studded panel of judges that includes Super Junior’s KyuhyunWINNER’s Song Mino, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, Jay Park, Highlight’s Lee Gikwang, and INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu.

During the “survival round” featured in the premiere episodes of “Peak Time,” each team performed for the judges without revealing their group name. Instead, each team randomly selected a number from 1 to 23 (corresponding to a specific hour of the day), which they are continuing to use as their temporary names.

On February 22, “Peak Time” aired Episode 3 which featured exciting rival matches. For this week’s rival match, the judges divided the 16 teams into eight rival pairs. The two teams then faced off with performances of the same concept, with the winner of each match earning double the total of their first round global votes.

Check out the performances from the first five rival matches below!


“Sharp Choreography” – Team 4:00 VS. Team 1:00

Team 4:00 (BXB) – Stray Kids’ “Victory Song”


While the judges were impressed with the charismatic performance by Team 4:00, they expressed disappointment with Team 1:00 for their lack of preparation and confidence. As a result, Team 4:00 won this round after sweeping all the judges’ votes.

“Refreshing” – Team 18:00 VS. Team 23:00

Team 18:00 (BDC) – ONF’s “Beautiful Beautiful”

Team 23:00 (DGNA) – PENTAGON’s “Shine”

Although Team 18:00 ran into difficulties when two of their three members tested positive for COVID-19, they prepared so well that this hiccup went unnoticed. While both teams gave highly praised performances, Team 23:00 came out on top with seven of eight votes.

“Mischievous” – Team 20:00 VS. Team 21:00

Team 20:00 (M.O.N.T) – 2PM’s “GO CRAZY!”

Team 21:00 (24K) – Block B’s “Very Good”

Song Mino praised Team 21:00’s cute performance but explained that it needed something bold. On the other hand, Kim Sung Kyu complimented the rhythm and live vocals of Team 20:00, who received all the votes to win the round.

“Solo” – Team 13:00 VS. Team 14:00

Team 13:00 (BAE173) – Rain’s “La Song”

Team 14:00 (GHOST9) – PSY’s “I LUV IT”

For the first time, this rival match ended with a distinct divide between the judges, with each team earning four votes. After a discussion between the judges, they ultimately decided that Team 13:00 was the round’s winner.

“Sexy” – Team 11:00 VS. Team 24:00

Team 11:00 (VANNER) – MONSTA X’s “Love Killa”

Team 24:00 – TXT’s “Good Boy Gone Bad”

Formed after the survival round, Team 24:00 is a soloist team with members Moon Jong Up (B.A.P), Heedo (B.I.G), Kim Byung Joo (ToppDogg), Gon (ARGON), and Kim Hyun Jae (BLACK6IX).

Following Jay Park’s praise that it’s a relief “Peak Time” was created to shed light on artists like VANNER, Team 11:00 won this round with all the judges’ votes.

At the end of the episode, the official rankings for the first global vote were revealed. After winning their rival match, the teams who were awarded the benefit of a double vote score were Team 4:00, Team 11:00, Team 23:00, Team 20:00, and Team 13:00.

The rankings for the first “Peak Time” global vote was as follows:

  1. Team 11:00 (VANNER)
  2. Team 24:00 (Soloists)
  3. Team 23:00 (DGNA)
  4. Team 13:00 (BAE173)
  5. Team 7:00 (MASC)
  6. Team 20:00 (M.O.N.T)
  7. Team 8:00 (DKB)
  8. Team 18:00 (BDC)
  9. Team 14:00 (GHOST9)
  10. Team 2:00 (NTX)
  11. Team 15:00 (BLK)
  12. Team 5:00 (ATBO)
  13. Team 21:00 (24K)
  14. Team 9:00 (BLITZERS)
  15. Team 4:00 (BXB)
  16. Team 1:00 (DIGNITY)

The remaining rival matches will be shown in next week’s “Peak Time” broadcast which airs on March 1 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Start watching “Peak Time” with English subtitles below!

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