Winners Of The 21st Director's Cut Awards

On February 24, the 21st Director’s Cut Awards were held with “Decision to Leave” scoring five total awards!

The annual Director’s Cut Awards is presented by the Korea Film Director’s Network (KFDN), which represents a group of around 300 filmmakers from Korea.

This year’s Best Director awards went to Park Chan Wook of “Decision to Leave” and Yoon Jong Bin of “Narco-Saints.” As Park Chan Wook is currently filming overseas, director Yoon Jae Kyun of “Hero” accepted the award on his behalf and shared, “Personally, I wanted to win this award the most. While I didn’t receive a note from director Park Chan Wook to read off for him, I think he feels the same way as me. Thank you to the actors.”

Best Actor and Best Actress (Film) went to Park Hae Il and Tang Wei, the stars of “Decision to Leave.” Seo Hyun Woo read Park Hae Il’s speech on behalf of him, which stated, “There is no worse nuisance than this. It’s regretful that I wasn’t able to attend due to a bad cold and the aftereffects of the seasons changing. Directors acknowledging actors’ acting is always something to be happy and thankful for. Thank you to director Park Chan Wook, who is likely working hard on a different project overseas, and the actors I leaned on.”

Similarly, Tang Wei’s award was accepted by her husband director Kim Tae Yong. He explained, “Tang Wei is currently filming. She cannot answer her phone. While I am not the winner or the presenter, I feel honored as the messenger. I’ve informed her about the award.” Later, the actress personally expressed her gratitude for the award through a video.

Best Actress (Series) was awarded to Suzy for her role in “Anna.” The star shared, “I’m so thankful just to be invited, so I’m even more grateful to be given a meaningful award. The project ‘Anna’ was very big to me. It was the first project I dug my heels in for and there was fear throughout the journey up until I chose it, so this award is that much more meaningful. I will think of this as an award I’m receiving on behalf of many others and work even harder. I will become an actress who works hard.”

See the full list of winners below!

Best Director (Film): Park Chan Wook (“Decision to Leave”)
Best Director (Series): Yoon Jong Bin (“Narco-Saints”)
Best New Director: Ahn Tae Jin (“The Night Owl”)
Best Screenplay (Film): Park Chan Wook, Jung Seo Kyung (“Decision to Leave”)
Best Screenplay (Series): Yoon Jong Bin, Kwon Sung Hwi (“Narco-Saints”)|
Best Vision: Kim Sae In (“The Apartment With Two Women”)

Best Actor (Series): Jo Woo Jin (“Narco-Saints”)
Best Actress (Series): Suzy (“Anna”)
Best Actor (Film): Park Hae Il (“Decision to Leave”)
Best Actress (Film): Tang Wei (“Decision to Leave”)

Best New Actor (Series): Kim Min Gwi (“Narco-Saints”)
Best New Actress (Series): Park Ye Young (“Anna”)
Best New Actor (Film): Seo Hyun Woo (“Decision to Leave”)
Best New Actress (Film): Yang Mal Bok (“The Apartment With Two Women”)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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