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The directors of “Delivery Man” have chatted about the drama and raved about Yoon Chan Young and Minah’s chemistry!

Genie TV’s upcoming drama “Delivery Man” will tell the story of a duo comprised of a taxi driver who is working to make ends meet and a ghost suffering from memory loss. Yoon Chan Young will play Seo Young Min, a taxi driver who runs a “ghost-only” taxi business, fulfilling their wishes while giving them a lift. Girl’s Day’s Minah will take on the role of Kang Ji Hyun, a ghost who suffers from memory loss and soon finds herself catching a free ride in Seo Young Min’s taxi.

“Delivery Man” is directed by Kang Sol and Park Dae Hee, who previously worked together on “Show Window: The Queen’s House.” Kang Sol explained that their first impression of “Delivery Man” was that it was different and elaborated, “What sets ‘Delivery Man’ apart is that there’s fun in the crossover of a thriller and a romantic comedy. It’s a project that makes you re-evaluate how you should live your one and only life through the story of cooperating with ghosts and comforting them.”

Elaborating on the fun of the drama, the director added, “What I’ve learned from working on a series of dramas is that ‘If there is no strength in the script, there is no strength in the project.’ I strongly felt the desire to wholly convey the fun I felt after reading the script.”

Director Park Dae Hee continued, “This is a project where its greatest strength and charm is the fact that you can experience the taste of a variety of genres. Because of the opportunity to direct a wide array of genres, I chose [this drama] without hesitation. From fantasy romance and comedy to a wholesome family drama, with humanistic aspects of relieving ghosts’ grudges and the fun of a mystery investigation drama. Really diverse stories will unfold in an interesting way.”

Although the drama’s mix of genres is clearly a highlight point, it was also the reason for various concerns. Kang Sol explained, “Directing while making sure that there were no disparate aspects between genres was my greatest homework. Director Park Dae Hee and I talked about focusing on the progression of events and the probability of the flow of emotion. Since this is a genre that can appear unrealistic if done poorly, it was our goal to work hard and capture real emotions on a luxurious screen.”

Park Dae Hee emphasized, “In addition to the main character’s subjective view of seeing ghosts, we also had to show the objective point of view of not being able to see them, so we needed time and effort. Although it is fantasy subject material, I hope it appears as a probable story. ‘Delivery Man’ is ultimately a story about people and family.”

As one of the drama’s key points, the directors chose the chemistry between leads Yoon Chan Young and Minah. They also elaborated on their affection for the drama’s stars, including Kim Min Seok. Park Dae Hee commented, “Yoon Chan Young’s pure innocence but occasional mature seriousness really suits his character of Seo Young Min. Aside from obviously great acting, he’s an actor who is sincere and humble.”

He added, “Actress Bang Minah is sensible and sharp. In a good way, when I watch her in front of the camera, she makes me think that she’s an actress who knows how to play. While preparing to film, seeing the two actors be playful was incredibly realistic and cute. Those aspects were captured well in the drama, creating good chemistry.”

Lastly, Park Dae Hee shared of Kim Min Seok, “He prepares a lot to come to set. When we share our opinions, something more than just the script comes out. He’s an actor who makes the project that much more abundant.”

“Delivery Man” premieres on March 1 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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