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JTBC’s “Peak Time” has kicked off a new round of competition!

“Peak Time” is a brand-new idol survival show in which teams compete for the chance to become the next “worldwide idol group.” Unlike other audition programs, its contestants consist entirely of male idols who have already debuted, whether currently active or part of a disbanded group, and they compete “anonymously” under temporary group names that correspond to different hours of the day.

In addition to MC Lee Seung Gi, the survival show boasts a star-studded panel of judges that includes Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, WINNER‘s Song Mino, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany, Jay Park, Highlight’s Lee Gikwang, and INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu.

On March 1, “Peak Time” wrapped up its official first round: the “rival match” in which rival pairs of teams went head-to-head with the same concept. The winner of each match scored a major benefit: their global votes from the first round would be doubled.

After the first 10 teams faced off in five rival matches last week, the six remaining teams took the stage this week to duke it out with powerful cover performances of hit idol songs.

Check out all of this week’s performances below!


Emotional – Team 15:00 vs. Team 7:00

Team 15:00 (BLK) – BEAST’s “12:30”

Team 7:00 (MASC) – GOT7’s “You Are”

Team 15:00 (BLK) won 5-3.

Synchronized Choreography 1 – Team 5:00 vs. Team 9:00

Team 5:00 (ATBO) – SEVENTEEN’s “HIT”

Team 9:00 (BLITZERS) – BTS’s “ON”

Team 5:00 (ATBO) won 6-2.

Girl Group – Team 8:00 vs. Team 2:00

Team 8:00 (DKB) – After School’s “Bang!”

Team 2:00 (NTX) – Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys”

Team 8:00 (DKB) won 6-2.

After wrapping up Round 1, the contestants moved on to the next round: a collaboration battle in which the 16 teams split up into four alliances of four teams each. Each alliance then split up into vocal, rap, and dance units, with a limit of six members for each vocal unit and five members for each rap unit (with no member limit for dance units).

Team 9:00 (BLITZERS) was randomly selected to head the first alliance, “A,” and they chose Teams 2:00 (NTX), 18:00 (BDC), and 5:00 (ATBO) to join their team.

Team 20:00 (M.O.N.T) was the second team granted the opportunity to head an alliance (“B”), and they picked Teams 8:00 (DKB), 14:00 (GHOST9), and 23:00 (DGNA).

Team 11:00 (VANNER) was up next, and they selected Teams 13:00 (BAE173), 15:00 (BLK), and 24:00 (the team comprised of solo contestants) to join alliance “C,” leaving Teams 7:00 (MASC), 21:00 (24K), 4:00 (BXB), and 1:00 (DIGNITY) to automatically form alliance “D.”

However, there was a twist in store: the winner of the contestants’ own Round 1 vote, Team 11:00 (VANNER), was given the opportunity to switch around one pair of teams. In a strategic attempt to weaken their rival alliances, Team 11:00 had Teams 14:00 (GHOST9) and 21:00 (24K) swap places so that the final alliances were as follows:

A: Teams 2:00 (NTX), 5:00 (ATBO), 9:00 (BLITZERS), 18:00 (BDC)

B: Teams 8:00 (DKB), 20:00 (M.O.N.T), 21:00 (24K), 23:00 (DGNA)

C: Teams 11:00 (VANNER), 13:00 (BAE173), 15:00 (BLK), 24:00 (solo contestants)

D: Teams 1:00 (DIGNITY), 4:00 (BXB), 7:00 (MASC), 14:00 (GHOST9)

Finally, the show revealed the current rankings for its ongoing global vote, which will end on March 16 at 12:30 a.m. KST.

The current rankings (as of February 25 at 5 p.m. KST) are as follows:

  1. Team 11:00 (VANNER)
  2. Team 23:00 (DGNA)
  3. Team 7:00 (MASC)
  4. Team 24:00 (solo contestants)
  5. Team 20:00 (M.O.N.T)
  6. Team 13:00 (BAE173)
  7. Team 8:00 (DKB)
  8. Team 18:00 (BDC)
  9. Team 14:00 (GHOST9)
  10. Team 2:00 (NTX)
  11. Team 15:00 (BLK)
  12. Team 21:00 (24K)
  13. Team 5:00 (ATBO)
  14. Team 4:00 (BXB)
  15. Team 1:00 (DIGNITY)
  16. Team 9:00 (BLITZERS)

Which Round 1 performances were your favorite?

Watch full episodes of “Peak Time” with subtitles below!

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