Winners Of The 2023 Korean Music Awards

The 20th annual Korean Music Awards has announced this year’s winners!

On March 5 at 6 p.m. KST, the 20th Korean Music Awards took place, announcing the winners for each music category.

In contrast to many other South Korean music awards, which typically use sales figures as a major criterion in determining each year’s winners, the Korean Music Awards focuses on musical achievement as its primary criterion. The Korean Music Awards also places greater importance on songs and albums in and of themselves.

After being nominated in six categories, NewJeans took home three awards including Rookie of the Year, Best K-Pop Song, and Best K-Pop album. In their video acceptance speech, NewJeans expressed their gratitude for CEO Min Hee Jin, ADOR staff members, and fan club Bunnies, sharing their resolve to continue to do their best going forward.

Music producer and DJ 250 snagged four awards total including Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Electronic Song, and Best Electronic Album.

In addition to winning Song of the Year with her viral hit song “Event Horizon,” Younha also took home the Best Pop Song award at the 2023 Korean Music Awards.

Check out this year’s winners below!

Artist of the Year: 250
Song of the Year: Younha – “Event Horizon”
Album of the Year: 250 – “PPONG”
Rookie of the Year: NewJeans

Best K-Pop Song: NewJeans – “Attention
Best K-Pop Album: NewJeans – “New Jeans”

Best Pop Song: Younha – “Event Horizon”
Best Pop Album: AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk – “ERROR”

Best Rock Song: Jambinai – “from the place been erased” (feat. Sunwoojunga)
Best Rock Album: Concorde – “Supersonic Airliner”

Best Modern Rock Song: Silica Gel – “NO PAIN”
Best Modern Rock Album: The Black Skirts – “TEEN TROUBLES”

Best R&B and Soul Song: BIBI – “JOTTO”
Best R&B and Soul Album: A.TRAIN – “PRIVATE PINK”

Best Rap and Hip Hop Song: Nucksal, CADEJO – “Good Morning Seoul”
Best Rap and Hip Hop Album: Nucksal, CADEJO – “Sincerely Yours”

Best Electronic Song: 250 – “Bang Bus”
Best Electronic Album: 250 – “PPONG”

Best Folk Song: Line and Circle – “Night and Day”
Best Folk Album: Line and Circle – “Night and Day”

Best Metal & Hardcore Album: Madmans Esprit – “I See Myself Through You Who See Us Through Me”

Best Jazz Vocal Album: Kim Yujin – “A Piece and the Whole”
Best Jazz Music Album: Song Young Joo – “Atmosphere”

Best Global Contemporary Album: Jung Jae Il – “psalms”

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! Watch the full 2023 Korean Music Awards below:

Watch “NewJeans Code in Busan” below:

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