VIXX's Ravi's Arrest Warrant Dismissed After He Admits To Charges Of Military-Related Corruption

The arrest warrant for VIXX’s Ravi has been dismissed following his alleged attempt to evade military service.

Earlier this year, it was reported that a group of brokers was arrested on charges of corruption to evade military service by designating their clients to a neurologist at a large hospital in Seoul and then giving them a false medical diagnosis of epilepsy to help them be exempted from military service or receive a lesser military grade. These brokers then reportedly promoted themselves by saying their services were used by a famous idol rapper.

The reports further claimed that this rapper had withdrawn from a variety show in May and enlisted in October, which lined up with Ravi’s departure from “2 Days & 1 Night” and subsequent enlistment, leading him to be named the idol in question. At the time of the reports, Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N shared that they were closely examining the truth of the situation.

Ravi’s arrest warrant was requested on March 2 by the Seoul Southern District Court’s special investigation team for evasion of military service. The artist has been undergoing police investigation for allegedly evading military service through Mr. Gu, a broker who’s been handed over to trial for providing fake epilepsy diagnoses to those attempting to evade military service.

On March 6, chief judge Kim Ji Sook of the Seoul Southern District Court investigated Ravi for allegedly violating the Military Service Act and examined the validity of his arrest warrant. Following the interrogation, the judge dismissed the warrant and stated, “It is difficult to determine that there is risk of fleeing or destroying evidence.”

As Ravi had admitted to the charges, the judge deemed the arrest unnecessary. They explained, “While these charges are serious, it is standard to conduct investigations of suspects without detention. In light of the objective evidence collected thus far, [the suspect] has admit to the charges. His residence and career are stable and when considering various factors, such as social ties, it’s hard to say there’s a need to arrest the suspect at this stage.”

In relation to this case, it’s said that the court has gone to trial with a total of 23 individuals, including Mr. Gu. In addition to Ravi, it’s reported that over 100 individuals are currently being investigated, with some being in professional sports and the entertainment industry.

Last month, rapper Nafla, who is Ravi’s GROOVL1N labelmate, was arrested for allegedly violating the Military Service Act and receiving preferential treatment while serving in the military as a public service worker. The same chief judge reviewed Nafla’s warrant, which was eventually deemed valid.

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