The legal representative for “The Glory” producing director (PD) Ahn Gil Ho has released a statement regarding his recent school bullying allegations.

Previously on March 10 ahead of the drama’s Part 2 premiere, school bullying allegations against PD Ahn Gil Ho began circulating via online communities. The anonymous person (hereafter “A”) alleged that while Ahn Gil Ho was studying abroad in the Philippines, Ahn Gil Ho threatened and assaulted A and their classmates after finding out that they teased his girlfriend at the time.

In response to the initial allegations, production company Studio Dragon responded that they will be looking into the situation, while Ahn Gil Ho denied the allegations, claiming that he has no memory of hitting anyone.

On March 12, PD Ahn Gil Ho’s lawyer Kim Mun Hui from law firm JIPYONG released the following statement:

I am lawyer Kim Mun Hui of law firm JIPYONG who is representing director Ahn Gil Ho. We ask for your understating in that there was a slight delay in time from the initial report to announcing our stance.

Director Ahn Gil Ho had a girlfriend whom he started dating at the time while studying abroad in the Philippines in 1996, and when he heard that his girlfriend became subject to teasing at school due to him, he momentarily got emotional and gave another person an unforgettable wound.

[Director Ahn Gil Ho] asks for forgiveness from deep within his heart to those who were hurt by this incident. If given the opportunity, he would like the meet in person, or at least contact through phone, to convey his apology.

[Director Ahn Gil Ho] apologizes for causing controversy over an unfortunate incident.

Director Ahn Gil Ho also conveyed through his legal representatives to Sports Chosun that it took time to check the facts as the incident happened 27 years ago and that the people involved recalled the exact details differently. Especially as his memories of the incident were also faint, the director stated through his legal representative that he was afraid of distorting the incident.

“The Glory Part 2” was released earlier this week worldwide on March 10 at 5 p.m. KST.

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