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MBC’s “Joseon Attorney” (literal translation) is set to be a new healing historical drama!

“Joseon Attorney” tells the story of an oejibu (attorney in Joseon Dynasty) who takes revenge on an enemy that caused the death of his parents through a trial. Although the drama starts with revenge, it will depict the growth of the protagonist who gradually becomes a real attorney that cares for the people and exemplifies how revenge stems from loneliness. Woo Do Hwan stars as the charming attorney Kang Han Soo, while WJSN’s Bona plays the caring Princess Lee Yeon Joo.

With the drama premiering later this week, MBC has shared three exciting key points for viewers to look forward to!

The novelty of the first law-based historical drama

With the refreshing plot that follows the story of an oejibu, “Joseon Attorney” is the first historical drama to deal with law. In this drama, viewers will be able to see the entire process of a lawsuit from the initial suit all the way to trial. Despite the focus on law, “Joseon Attorney” will add fun to the story by showcasing different scenarios in each episode.

Director Kim Seung Ho commented, “While watching the citizens of the Joseon Dynasty, viewers living in modern society will be able to cry, laugh, and cheer together, and this is a cool and healing drama that everyone can relate to and feel life’s energy from.”

The eventful story that goes back and forth between revenge and romance

After once being an attorney who only cared about money, Kang Han Soo eventually becomes a spokesperson for his citizens. This role leads him to grow into a hero for the people who uses law to fight against those abusing their power.

When Kang Han Soo meets Lee Yeon Joo, he begins scheming to avenge his parents’ wrongful deaths and files a lawsuit for the people. In this process, Kang Han Soo and Lee Yeon Joo start spending every moment together and develop a sweet romance.

Once oejibu Kang Han Soo makes a complete transformation, his eventful story will focus on growth, revenge, and romance, allowing the drama to deliver twists upon twists. Writer Choi Jin Young remarked, “It will be good if you watch while focusing on how Han Soo’s revenge will relieve his client’s resentment and how that in turn leads to the realization of justice.”

The banquet of charming characters

From main to supporting roles, “Joseon Attorney” boasts an exciting lineup of unique and memorable characters. Starting with Kang Han Soo, whose bold and serious image suits his position as an oejibu, there’s also the playful and erratic Princess Lee Yeon Joo who changes her identity in order to get revenge. Their unique chemistry with Yoo Ji Seon (VIXX’s Cha Hak Yeon) will also add lots of fun to the story, as he is the Joseon era equivalent of the city’s mayor and the fiancé of Lee Yeon Joo.

Finally, the trio will be joined by scene stealers Chun Ho Jin as Yoo Ji Seon’s father Yoo Je Se, Choi Moo Sung as Chu Young Woo, Shin Dong Mi as Lady Hong, Lee Gyu Sung as Dong Chi, and more.

Catch the premiere of “Joseon Attorney” on March 31 at 9:50 p.m. KST and check out a teaser here!

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