UP10TION’s Xiao (Lee Dong Yeol) Parts Ways With TOP Media + Shares Handwritten Letter

UP10TION’s Xiao (Lee Dong Yeol) will be parting ways with TOP Media.

On March 31, TOP Media released an official statement announcing that they will not be renewing their exclusive contract with Xiao.

Read their full statement below:

Hello. This is TOP Media.

We sincerely thank all the fans who love UP10TION.

The exclusive contract of UP10TION member Xiao, who has been with the agency since his debut in September 2015, concluded on March 31.

After careful discussion with Xiao over a long period of time, we have mutually agreed to terminate our contract following the expiration of the exclusive contract.

We convey our sincere gratitude to Xiao, who loves music dearly and always shows great performances on stage, and we will cheer him on so that he can continue to promote as a great artist going forward.

We once again express our sincere gratitude to fans who wholeheartedly supported Xiao until now.

Following this announcement, Xiao also shared a handwritten letter to address his departure:

Hello, this is Lee Dong Yeol.

It’s been a while since I greeted you with a handwritten letter.

I’m writing this [letter] because my contract with TOP Media, which I’ve been with for 10 years since I was a trainee until my debut, has come to an end.

When I look back on my seven years and six months of career since I debuted, there are only happy memories that you’ve created for me, so thank you so much.

I think I was able to grow step by step thanks to your generous support and love.

A lot of things happened, but thank you so much to HONEY10 [UP10TION’s fan club] and our fans for being with us. I love you.

I felt reassured and encouraged because you always watched and cheered for us constantly anytime and anywhere, but on the other hand, I also felt sorry and regretful because there was nothing grand that I could do for you.

I was able to get to this point because I was with my UP10TION older brothers and Hwan Hee. I was the happiest when we were together.

Thank you and I love you, my members.

I’d also like to sincerely thank the TOP Media staff for always working for us.

I will be grateful if you can support me, Lee Dong Yeol’s new journey and the side of me that will slowly progress step by step.

This has been UP10TION’s Xiao, Lee Dong Yeol.

Recently, it was revealed that five UP10TION members and Lee Jin Hyuk would be parting ways with TOP Media following the expiration of their contracts. The following month, the agency announced Lee Hwan Hee‘s departure from TOP Media. Xiao is the final member of UP10TION to part ways with the agency. Despite going separate ways, UP10TION will still continue to promote as seven members.

Along with fellow UP10TION member Lee Hwan Hee, Xiao (Lee Dong Yeol) participated on Mnet’s idol survival show “Boys Planet.” Lee Dong Yeol was unfortunately eliminated in the second elimination round, while Lee Hwan Hee stepped down from the show due to health reasons earlier in March.

Wishing Xiao and the UP10TION members all the best going forward!

Watch “Boys Planet” below:

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