7 K-Pop Songs That Immediately Put You In A Spring Mood

The spring season is all about elation and rejuvenation since we know that summer is coming soon! The flowers are blooming, and K-pop is more alive than ever. Some K-pop songs have the power to immediately put listeners in a spring mood with their bright melodies and interesting messages. Check out the best music to listen to during the spring season below!

EXO’s Xiumin and VIVIZ’s Eunha – “Who?”

“Who” is a medium tempo song that was made for the spring season! The happy ballad talks about welcoming spring into your life as you embark on a new romantic relationship. EXO’s Xiumin and VIVIZ’s Eunha released a single that places a spotlight on two friends taking their friendship to the next level. While you listen to this pleasing single, take a long and relaxing spring road trip with your significant other. You’ll be fully embracing the new season together and enjoying the gorgeous spring scenery!

IVE – “Kitsch”

Nothing says spring like embracing trendsetters! New fashion arrives in the spring season, and IVE’s “Kitsch” talks about someone being proud of their own fashion sense and setting trends. Despite some people considering trends uncool, the song celebrates someone’s incredible uniqueness. “Kitsch” is a single that has a great mix of dance, electronic, and pop genres. It’s a good track to play at your next spring party or during a solo dance time. This song is great for any occasion!


“NEW DAYZ” is a great pop track with punk and hip hop genre influences. This song can be played during the rainy days of spring. When you are spending alone time at home, play this track to empower yourself to look forward to new days of sunshine. The message of “NEW DAYZ” describes someone anticipating a second chance. After feeling like they failed, they look forward to new days full of opportunity. This is an ideal song for when you need some encouragement.

SHINee’s Onew – “O (Circle)”

Spring is one of the four seasons highlighted in Onew’s solo single. The R&B song has unique electronic elements blended in, and you’ll enjoy playing this soothing song during rainy spring days at home or during your daily commute to work. “O (Circle)” discusses the change of seasons and compares the seasonal rotation to the circle of life. Onew’s song is one of those deep singles that really makes you think.

KARD – “Hola Hola”

The dance and electronic genres have a strong presence in the Latin-inspired single “Hola Hola.” KARD’s single radiates a carefree and relaxing vibe that is perfect to play during an outdoor spring picnic. The warm single talks about being in love with someone and desiring to spend as much quality time as possible with them. Their significant other brings them so much happiness. Spring can bring that same amount of joy!

Shannon – “Why Why”

This upbeat pop single will make you feel like spring has arrived! “Why Why” is all about someone falling in love and wanting to prove their feelings are genuine to their crush. The song expresses that their crush is more important to them than anyone else in their life. With electronic sounds that help bring it to life even more, Shannon’s single is the right music to play during a spring date with your significant other. Whether you just started dating or are longtime lovers, this single is so sweet.

Red Velvet – “Happiness”

Spring brings a little bit of happiness to everyone! The flowers blooming and earth coming back to life are a pure joy to watch. Red Velvet’s “Happiness” is a good song to play during your daytime walk in the park or morning jog. It is a fun dance track that blends pop, electronic sounds, and tribal beats. The lyrics for “Happiness” describe finding joy in everyday life, and the song empowers and encourages you to love yourself. This is one of the most cheerful songs to listen to during spring!

Hey Soompiers, which song is your go-to music this season? Are there additional songs that you love listening to every spring? 

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm”! For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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