EXO's Sehun, Jo Joon Young, And Jang Yeo Bin Are Happy High School Students In Poster For

TVING has shared a new poster for their upcoming drama “All That We Loved”!

“All That We Loved” is a romance drama about the love triangle that forms when two best friends—one of whom has donated a kidney to the other—both fall for the same transfer student in high school.

EXO’s Sehun will play charming basketball star Go Yoo, while Jo Joon Young will play top student Go Joon Hee, who receives a kidney transplant from Go Yoo. Jang Yeo Bin will star as Han So Yeon, the beautiful transfer student who steals both of their hearts.

The drama’s newly released main poster captures the fresh, bright, and youthful era of being 18 years old. With the bright blue sky and hot sun behind them, Han So Yeon, Go Yoo, and Go Joon Hee pose happily together.

In a colorful jacket, Go Yoo holds on to a basketball, showcasing the character’s sporty and playful charms. Beside him is Go Joon Hee, whose smile looks eerily similar to Go Yoo’s. This is an example of Go Joon Hee experiencing cellular memory syndrome, the hypothesis that one can acquire the personality, habits, and memories of their organ donor.

Referencing Go Joon Hee’s cellular memory syndrome, the poster reads, “We’ve started becoming similar in friendship and love.” Although they once had polar opposite personalities and interests, Go Yoo and Go Joon Hee suddenly find themselves resembling one another and eventually both falling for Han So Yeon, which inevitably complicates their friendship.

As Han So Yeon, Jang Yeo Bin brightens up her surroundings with her infectious smile. She holds a camera that is sure to capture all her memories with both Go Yoo and Go Joon Hee, raising questions about how their love triangle will draw out. In addition to capturing the overall innocence of youth, this poster has a retro vibe that encapsulates all the emotions of young love, friendship, growth, and dreams.

The production team shared, “‘All That We Loved’ is a high-teen romance drama that will spark warm emotions and nostalgia. Please look forward to the refreshing chemistry of Oh Sehun, Jo Joon Young, and Jang Yeo Bin who will draw out the clumsy yet beautiful bare face of youth as it is.”

Episodes 1 and 2 of TVING’s original drama “All That We Loved” will be released on May 5. Catch a teaser here!

While waiting, watch Sehun in “Dokgo Rewind” with subtitles below:

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