10 Uplifting K-Pop Songs That Will Motivate You

Hardships are all around us. And with all the struggles that people go through, it’s often hard to find the motivation to push through. Luckily, there is always music to bring us together. Here are 10 K-pop songs that might motivate you to get through life.

EXO – “Can’t Bring Me Down”

For those days when you feel like the world is against you and need a simple reminder that there is hope, this song is the perfect listen. The lyrics touch on keeping your head up and having courage. Hearing these lyrics and the beautiful vocals of EXO provide the perfect motivation.

Stray Kids – “My Pace”

There are a lot of great Stray Kids songs that give that push to motivate and inspire you to seize the day, but this one will pretty much get you up to do anything. The groove and catchy chorus with lyrics about going at your own pace and “staying in my lane” is such a vibe.

Lee Hi – “BREATHE”

This particular song can be a bit of a downer for some, but if you listen to the lyrics, it’s got the perfect lyrics to help you to remember to breathe. When life gets overwhelming or you’re losing the motivation, sometimes it’s all about sitting in the moment and taking a breath.

IU – “unlucky”

What’s a motivational playlist without the mention of IU? The upbeat melody of “unlucky” makes it the perfect song to add to your playlist. It’s an easy reminder to listeners and those who need some hope that even with hardships in life—everything will be ok.

BTOB – “It’s Okay”

BTOB is one of those groups that always provides a song that feels like a shoulder to lean on. Their songs boast so much hope and motivation for better days. Their choruses are always uplifting and have a positive message. It also helps that their vocal line always hits you in the feels, and their raps are so emotion-driven!

Taeyeon – “I” (feat. Verbal Jint)

Taeyeon’s melodious voice is enough to send anyone into motivation mode, but this particular song really hits listeners in the feels. The focus of life being a beauty and flying high alongside the hard-hitting rap lines from Verbal Jint is enough to make anyone feel inspired.

SHINee – “A Yo”

Let’s be real, anything SHINee is pretty darn uplifting, but this one will physically get you up and ready to tackle whatever lemons life throws you. The lyrics speak about leaning on the rhythm of this song, which is exactly what you want to do every time you hear it!

SEVENTEEN – “Healing”

Much like the song suggests, “Healing” is a song that will heal you from whatever hardships you’re going through. It gives that momentary push to help motivate and uplift you. Don’t let a tough day bring you down because there is always hope of a new season.


PENTAGON and their melodious songs always manage to put a smile on people’s faces. But this particular song touches on everything being fine and working out. It helps to put the focus back on every day and that happiness is always right around the corner.

BTS – “Magic Shop”

“Magic Shop” is a song that provides comfort and help to those who are going through hard times. The melody and lyrics give a sense of hope, making you want to be good to yourself and to those around you.

Hey Soompiers, what are your favorite motivational K-pop songs? Let me know in the comments below!

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