Lee Je Hoon, Pyo Ye Jin, Shin Jae Ha, And More Bid Farewell To “Taxi Driver 2” With Closing Remarks

SBS’s “Taxi Driver 2” has come to a successful close!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Taxi Driver” is a drama about a mysterious taxi service that delivers vengeance on behalf of victims who are unable to get justice through the law.

After a successful run in 2021, the hit drama returned for a second season this past February—and not only did “Taxi Driver 2” manage to earn even higher viewership ratings than Season 1 but its finale achieved the highest ratings of any miniseries to air this year. The day after the series finale, the drama was also confirmed to return with Season 3.

To celebrate the conclusion of “Taxi Driver 2,” the cast shared their closing remarks.

Lee Je Hoon, who impressed with his eye-catching action scenes and diverse transformations as Kim Do Gi, shared, “I can’t believe we have to share closing remarks already. I think that is how fast time went by. I’m just very happy and grateful to have the honor of partaking in Season 2 after the first season. I’m very happy and proud because it appears many viewers also enjoyed [Season 2] while smiling along and even getting angry through a project that all the actors and staff worked sincerely on with great affection.” He continued, “Thank you to everyone who supported Do Gi and the Rainbow Taxi service. If I were to have another wish dear to me, I hope to write another story with the Rainbow Taxi service family.”

Kim Eui Sung, who played the head of the Rainbow Taxi team Jang Sung Cheol, shared, “There is always a mixture of happiness and sadness during the last filming. However, I felt calmer for this last filming for ‘Taxi Driver 2.’ Even now, after having wrapped up the broadcast, I feel something akin to calmness.” He added, “I am sincerely thankful for the passionate love and support for ‘Taxi Driver 2.’ I will work harder to be a Rainbow Taxi service that does not disappoint everyone.”

Pyo Ye Jin, who won the hearts of audiences as Ahn Go Eun, shared, “I am sincerely grateful [to everyone] for giving lots of love to ‘Taxi Driver 2’ and Go Eun. It was an honor to be a part of another awesome story together as a member of the Rainbow Taxi service team again thanks to everyone. It is such a shame that [the drama] is already over, but the Rainbow Taxi team will remain as a valuable family to me that is always [with me] somewhere.” She continued, “I’m thankful to all the actors and staff members who worked with me, and I’m working hard while [hoping and] looking forward to seeing everyone again.”

Jang Hyuk Jin, who played Choi Kyung Goo, similarly shared how happy he was while filming “Taxi Driver 2.” He conveyed, “I’m really happy the results came out well to the extent of how difficult filming was. I hope the ‘Taxi Driver’ series continues going forward.”

Bae Yoo Ram, who portrayed Park Jin Uhn, shared, “Season 2 happened thanks to the viewers who loved Season 1,” explaining that he was very happy to receive such great amount of love and interest after the team worked hard to film from summer to winter. He added, “I will continue to repay with good acting going forward. Thank you once again.”

Finally, Shin Jae Ha, who played On Ha Joon, also expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you for loving our drama so much until now, and thank you for looking fondly [upon me] as Ha Joon.”

“Taxi Driver 2” concluded on April 15 with an average nationwide rating of 21.0 percent, marking a new record for the highest ratings achieved by any miniseries thus far in 2023.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Taxi Driver 2”!

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