DKZ's Kyoungyoon To Go On Temporary Hiatus For Health Reasons

DKZ’s agency has announced that Kyoungyoon will be going on a temporary hiatus in order to focus on his health.

Earlier this year, Kyoungyoon was swept up in controversy due to his affiliation with the JMS cult that was spotlighted in the recent documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal.” The documentary depicted how the leader of the cult, convicted rapist Jung Myung Seok, groomed and sexually exploited many of his young female followers.

After word spread of his parents’ affiliation with the cult, Kyoungyoon came forward to speak in detail about his experience growing up with the religion while not being aware of the dark practices taking place behind the scenes. He also firmly declared that after finding out what was happening, he had left the church for good.

On April 19, DKZ’s agency released a statement regarding the group’s scheduled appearance at Cultwo Show in Boseong on April 29. The agency stated that according to the organizers of the event, some Boseong residents had been repeatedly filing complaints requesting that DKZ’s appearance be cancelled, and as a result, Kyoungyoon would be sitting out the event, with only the remaining five members of DKZ taking part.

The agency also announced that due to anxiety stemming from his recent controversy, Kyoungyoon will temporarily be halting all activities to focus on recovering his health:

Kyoungyoon feels a grave sense of responsibility over the matter related to him, and he is currently undergoing therapy and treatment. His doctor has diagnosed him with panic disorder that has led to social anxiety disorder, and he will temporarily be focusing entirely on his treatment and stability.

Five hours later, Dongyo Entertainment followed up with a new statement announcing that DKZ’s appearance at Cultwo Show in Boseong has been cancelled entirely:

There has been a change regarding DKZ’s five-member Cultwo Show appearance on April 29 that we spoke about in our previous statement, so we are making a correction.

[DKZ’s] appearance at the Cultwo Show in Boseong that was scheduled for April 29 has ultimately been cancelled.

Dongyo Entertainment went on to apologize to fans, explaining that they had received notice of the cancellation only after releasing their previous statement earlier that day.

Wishing Kyoungyoon a speedy and full recovery.

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