Fantasy Boys” has rounded out their individual Visual Mission and announced spoilers from the second rankings ceremony!

MBC’s new audition program “Fantasy Boys” is the male version of “My Teen Girl,” the audition program that gave rise to the rookie girl group CLASS:y last year. The show is hosted by TVXQ‘s Changmin with mentors 2PM’s WooyoungJung Jinyoung, WINNER‘s Kang Seung Yoon, and (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon. The program is divided into four “semesters” and the final 12 contestants who pass all four stages will make the debut lineup.

Last week’s episode introduced the second semester Visual Mission where the contestants were tasked with covering BTS’s “Boy In Luv,” Stray Kids’ “Thunderous,” TXT’s “CROWN,” NCT’s “90’s Love,” THE BOYZ’s “The Stealer,” and ATEEZ’s “Deja Vu.” The teams also completed a runway mission where the winning member was awarded the “heart-fluttering part” of each song. These coveted positions went to Kim Gyurae of team “Boy In Luv,” K-Soul of team “Thunderous,” Hikari of team “CROWN,” Kang Minseo of team “90’s Love,” Ling Qi of team “The Stealer,” and Hong Seongmin of team “Deja Vu.”

After covers of “Thunderous” and “The Stealer” were shown last week, the four remaining performances were featured in the April 20 broadcast of “Fantasy Boys,” along with the mission results and spoilers from the second semester ranking ceremony.


HipsterBoys – “90’s Love”

Members: Park Hyeonggeun, Oh Hyeontae, Kang Minseo, Hikaru, Bae Jaeho, Seo Sangwoo, Kang Hyunwoo

Fantasy Shaker – “Boy In Luv”

Members: Kim Gyurae, Santa, Yaya, Hwang Jaemin, Kang Daehyeon, Kim Daehui, Song Duhyun

Jewels – “CROWN”

Members: Lee Hanbin, Hikari, Yuma, Ha Seokhee, Kaedan, Moon Hyunbin, Kang Irang

BloodSeven – “Deja Vu”

Members: Taeseon, Yu Junwon, TK, Choi Minseo, Shiryu, Hong Seongmin, Hayato

The vote rankings for each team were revealed at the end of their performances. For the “90’s Love” team, Oh Hyeontae led the group in first place, followed by Kang Minseo, Seo Sangwoo, Hikaru, Park Hyeonggeun, Kang Hyunwoo, and Bae Jaeho.

The results for team “Boy In Luv” were incredibly close, with Kang Daehyun beating out Kim Gyurae for first place by just two votes. Hwang Jaemin ranked third, with Song Duhyun in fourth, Kim Daehui in fifth, Santa in sixth, and Yaya in seventh.

After a difficult preparation period, everyone was shocked to see Ha Seokhee as a top two contender for the “CROWN” team. However, first place ultimately went to Hikari, who impressed with his take on the heart-fluttering part, while Ha Seokhee placed second. Lee Hanbin took third, followed by Moon Hyunbin, Kang Irang, Kaedan, and Yuma.

Last but not least was team “Deja Vu,” where member Hong Seongmin placed first after taking on the heart-fluttering part. Second place went to Taeseon, followed by Hayato, Yu Junwon, Shiryu, TK, and Choi Minseo.

The No. 1 members of each team were awarded 2,000 points, while Keum Jinho and K-Soul of team “Thunderous” were each given 1,000 points after tying for first place.

At the very end of the broadcast was a preview of the second semester rankings ceremony where 37 of 42 contestants will make it to Semester 3. With ranks No. 38 to No. 42 being eliminated, host Changmin announced the No. 36 and No. 6 ranked contestants. In No. 36 was Jeong Deunhaesol, who dropped three positions from his Semester 1 rank of No. 33. Additionally, Santa was announced to be ranked at No. 6, falling five spots from his previous No. 1 spot, meaning there will be a new rankings leader.

The next episode of “Fantasy Boys” will air on April 27 at 10 p.m. KST.

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