Here Is Each ZEROBASEONE Member's Most Memorable Performance On

Boys Planet” has ended its run after 12 episodes, and the nine members are set to debut as new boy group ZEROBASEONE (or ZB1 for short). With so many funny, talented, and amazing trainees on the show, it was a tough final episode. However, ZEROBASEONE is already set to be a fantastic group with a well-balanced lineup. Here are some of the best performances from each of the nine members to help get you hyped for their debut!

(It goes without being said, but there will be spoilers for episode 12 here.)

Zhang Hao

It was an exciting week for Zhang Hao all around! He was chosen by viewers to be the center for the Final Top 9 Battle on the song “Jelly Pop,” performed at Jamsil Arena in front of thousands of fans. He was also revealed to be the center for ZEROBASEONE’s debut! It’s a big deal to be able to perform at such a venue before debut, and with Zhang Hao as the center, the performance was unforgettable.

Sung Han Bin

Sung Han Bin was also the top voted trainee for the center position during the Final Top 9 Battle—this time, on the track “Hot Summer.” It’s a more sultry song that needs a lot of charisma, and Sung Han Bin set the perfect atmosphere. He had a lot of memorable performances during his time on “Boys Planet,” but this one at Jamsil Arena is no doubt one of his best. Nothing beats the energy of thousands of fans!

 Seok Matthew

During the “Boys Planet” run, Seok Matthew was well-loved for his sunny smile and enthusiasm. You might expect him to have a hard time performing a fierce song like BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love,” but he still managed to bring all the suave and sophisticated energy required for the stage. It was the moment a lot of viewers realized that Seok Matthew was here to win—and he proved that he has all the versatility required of a true performer!


This was the winning stage for the third round, with the perfect balance of stunning vocals and choreography that you just can’t take your eyes off of. Ricky shot up in the rankings after this performance thanks to his amazing singing quality and flawless visuals, and it definitely stands out as one of his best stages in the entire show. He just suited the concept of this stage so well that it’s impossible to forget!

Park Gun Wook

With his fierce visuals and powerful stage presence, Park Gun Wook was the perfect choice for the “En Garde” team in the third round. In the “killing part” position, he was the center of the performance. He led the chorus and dance breaks with all the energy required of a song like this one but also proved that he had the vocal chops required to hit all of the notes even with the strenuous choreography.

Kim Tae Rae

Kim Tae Rae proved himself to be one of the strongest vocalists among the trainees throughout the show’s run, and in this “Man In Love” performance it’s easy to see why. His easygoing charm is just so endearing, and his smile lights up the stage. This performance showed that Kim Tae Rae has the vocal control to be able to sing both low and high notes with ease, and even though this was only the second round, he sounded like an already-debuted singer.

Kim Gyu Vin

With four incredibly talented trainees on this team, it might seem hard to stand out on stage. Kim Gyu Vin captured the hearts of viewers in the live audience though, and he quickly began to rise in the rankings with voters across the world after this stage was aired. His clean performance and masterful execution of the choreography made this one of his most impressive moments during his time on “Boys Planet.”

Kim Ji Woong

This “Back Door” performance may be one of the earliest, but it’s still completely memorable. Kim Ji Woong’s ab flash immediately became the stuff of “Boys Planet” legend, and he proved himself to be not only a great leader on stage but an excellent role model behind the scenes as well. He had already garnered attention for his handsome visuals, but this stage showed that he had all the talent needed to make the debut lineup.

Han Yu Jin

As the new youngest member of ZEROBASEONE, it’s only fitting that Han Yu Jin’s most memorable performance was a stage as sweet as this one. Even from the very opening moment, the bright energy that Han Yu Jin brought to the stage was absolutely contagious. Throughout the course of “Boys Planet,” he proved that he can handle pretty much any concept thrown his way, but there’s just something special about this performance.

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