SEVENTEEN's Mingyu And Joshua Reveal What They Were Like As Kids, What Makes Their Team Inseparable, And More

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and Mingyu teamed up to shoot a pictorial for the May edition of Cosmopolitan Korea!

The two SEVENTEEN members described themselves as the angelic ENFJ duo of the group, their kind and friendly personalities showing through as they had fun with each other and their staff on site for the photo shoot.

When asked about their other similarities, the two revealed that they loved to organize things. “I like collecting perfumes,” Joshua revealed. “So I set up the bottles nicely by shape and scent.”

“I organize my skincare products from smallest to largest,” Mingyu added, revealing his own unique hobby.

For another fun question, the two talked about how they were like in their childhood. “I was a kid who really liked people,” Joshua said. “I liked talking with my friends, sharing delicious treats if I had any, and exchanging interesting stories.”

“Ah, you and I were exactly the same,” Mingyu added. “I definitely liked being with others rather than being alone! If there was no one there I could hang out with, I wanted to be with someone, even if I had to make it happen myself. If that person was able to be happy because of me, then I was also happy.”

The conversation then turned to SEVENTEEN’s fast-approaching eighth debut anniversary. The group has come to become one of the representatives of third-generation idols. When asked about how they’re feeling about having come so far, Mingyu replied, “It all went by so fast.” He added, “It was fast, but when I look back, there are lots of memories. That’s our members’ pride. It’s become a relationship that can’t be ended. So long as we don’t get swept up in the past, I think looking back on it with fondness is important.”

When asked about what makes their team stick so well together, Joshua talked about their shared trials and hardships. “If you struggle together, you feel more affection for one another. It was really hard when we were trainees. While we endured things together and experienced the entire process of debuting and growing together, we became so close. And we all know it. We didn’t do well all because of just one person—we were able to do this well thanks to the members who make up SEVENTEEN. We wanted to keep that [mindset].”

The two then went on to talk all about their newest mini album “FML,” citing it as one of their “career highs.”

“Every time a new album comes out, there are always members who say things like, ‘Oh, there’s something different about this one,'” Mingyu said with a laugh. “I think that this [album] will become our career high.”

As for what they’re most proud of for their new album, Mingyu answered, “This unconventional title has a lot of meanings, so we wanted to convey the storytelling properly. Also, please especially look forward to the song titled ‘Super.’ It’s a song about a character who overcomes adversity through growth and perseverance.”

Finally, the two were asked to give a word of advice to their younger selves when they first debuted.

“Live just like you are right now. Then you’ll become me,” Mingyu said.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing,” Joshua said. “Because the me of right now is here only because of the me from back then. And let go of your thoughts a bit!”

Read the full interview in the May edition of Cosmopolitan Korea!

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