SEVENTEEN’s Vernon And Hoshi Discuss Their Interests + Woozi Describes Them From A Producer’s Perspective

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Woozi, and Vernon captivate in their new pictorial with Vogue Korea!

During the interview that followed the pictorial, Hoshi expressed his interest in fashion by sharing, “For me, fashion is similar to performance. I get inspired by many places, but I try to make something of my own.” He joked, “Anyone who dances can relate to this, but if you don’t like clothes you’re wearing for practice, your body won’t move properly.”

Hoshi added, “I coordinate two to three outfits the previous night and decide when I wake up in the morning because I don’t know how I’ll feel that day.” He further shared that he tends to buy fashion items that can be worn on an everyday basis because he can try on more trendy items at photo shoots.

Hoshi further revealed that he owns about 100 articles of clothing, adding that his favorite is the Chrome Hearts black zip up hoodie that DK bought for him. He added, “The SEVENTEEN members gift me clothes for the most part. Thinking about it, the jeans that my members gathered money to buy for my past birthday are also precious to me.”

In addition to the members, Hoshi revealed that he is also inspired by actor Lee Soo Hyuk, sharing that the two often drink coffee together, talk about clothes, and watch movies at home. He shared, “Is that unique? We got a lot closer due to our common interest of fashion.”

Finally, Hoshi shared, “I want to showcase a performance CARATs (SEVENTEEN’s fan club) are not embarrassed of. I want to be a group that [CARATs] can proudly say, ‘I am a fan of SEVENTEEN,’ no matter where they go.”

Member Woozi also talked about his song writing process, sharing, “I have bad handwriting, so I write memos on my phone or computer instead of taking analog notes.” Woozi mentioned that he also sometimes gets surprised by what he wrote when looking over his notes, sharing, “[I wonder], ‘What state was I in at the time to have written this?’ It doesn’t feel like me. I’m glad to leave [notes] like this. It’s like scribbling about me.”

He further shared that he feels the most familiar with the time he is working on music alone, adding that he also gets comforted by his own lyrics.

When asked about what kind of artists he believes Vernon and Hoshi to be from a producer’s perspective, Woozi replied, “Vernon is like a rock. No matter what part he is assigned, I believe that he will pull it off. He is sturdy, reliable, and makes me feel relieved. Hoshi is intense. As a producer, he keeps raising the expectations for the player. But Hoshi shows how he goes a step further than that. That is how much he is overflowing with passion. I admire him.”

Woozi also noted that he listens well to the members’ concerns and even more trifle stories, but he added, “Weirdly, I’m not good at talking [about that stuff].” He continued to share that currently, his music is most influenced by SEVENTEEN and CARATs.

Last but not least, Vernon dished on the secret to SEVENTEEN’s teamwork, sharing that the answer is their affection and interest in each other. When asked which member he is most interested in these days, he replied, “Currently, it’s Hoshi. We recently had an honest conversation about each other’s current state,” adding that he can talk most honestly with his members.

Vernon further expressed his interests in watching films, sharing that he was very touched by “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” He added, “Even when I’m busy, I watch movies before falling asleep three to four times a week. That is a break for me.” Vernon explained, “I want to do something worthwhile in the film field, even though I don’t have specific plans yet.”

Regarding his dreams in the artistic field, Vernon mentioned, “Rather than personally drawing, I want to create an opportunity to connect artists with the public. I think that would be meaningful.”

Finally, Vernon shared that before spring is over, he wants to spend time outside. He shared, “Going on a trip with a car is good, but I think I will be satisfied even if I just sit at a park. Finding leisure in and of itself is important.”

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Woozi, and Vernon’s full interview and pictorial will be available through the May issue of Vogue Korea.

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