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Disney+’s upcoming original series “Race” has released a main poster and trailer!

“Race” follows the story of Park Yoon Jo (Lee Yeon Hee), who doesn’t have many qualifications or connections but gets employed because of her passion. The office drama will capture the chaos that ensues when Park Yoon Jo gets tangled in a recruitment scandal and must fight to survive and keep her job.

The drama’s new poster features the four leads who are all confidently facing different directions. At the front is Park Yoon Jo, who looks straight ahead and gives a bright smile. Behind her are Ryu Jae Min (Hong Jong Hyun), Goo Yi Jung (Moon So Ri), and Seo Dong Hoon (TVXQ’s Yunho), who walk busily on their separate paths, raising questions about what kind of “race” they are each running.

On the poster it reads, “Sprinting today too so that I’m not tackled by connections.” This reflects the current mindset of many Korean office workers today, who are just like Park Yoon Jo in that what they lack in qualifications or connections, they make up with passion, hard work, and determination.

The latest teaser highlights the realistic, eventful, and competitive lifestyles of office workers. When Park Yoon Jo’s friend asks whether her and her friend Ryu Jae Min work in the same department, she explains that while he sits at the top, she is a bottom-tier employee.

Ryu Jae Min pushes for his company to start recruiting without looking at connections, which helps land Park Yoon Jo a job. However, the reality is much different from her expectations, from newcomer employees who refuse to treat her with respect despite all her experience, and senior executives who think of her as a publicity tool for their company image.

Matters become worse when Park Yoon Jo’s manager coldly refuses to acknowledge her eight years of experience and she’s ultimately looked down upon for not having any connections. Eventually, the company’s new recruitment method hits the news and causes even more chaos in their workplace with Park Yoon Jo at the center of it all.

To comfort an upset Park Yoon Jo, Seo Dong Hoon comments, “Don’t prove yourself. Why do you have to prove yourself? Just trust yourself.” Later, he intriguingly gives her the opportunity to work with him instead.

The teaser concludes with the statement, “It all starts now. The start of struggle, the start of hell.”

Watch the teaser below and catch the premiere of “Race” on May 10!

In the meantime, watch Lee Yeon Hee in “The Game: Towards Zero” with subtitles below:

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