Watch: THE BOYZ's Younghoon Tasks Lee Dong Wook With Fighting Against Himself To Save Kim Bum In

Lee Dong Wook must act quickly to save Kim Bum in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938”!

Starring Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, and Kim Bum, tvN’s “Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” which aired at the end of 2020, tells the story of the male gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox) Yi Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) in a modern era. Although Yi Yeon found a happy ending with Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) in Season 1, he will get swept up in an unexpected incident and get summoned to the year of 1938. “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938” will depict Yi Yeon’s desperate struggle to return to present day where all the people precious to him are.

With the premiere just over a week away, “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938” has unveiled a preview for the first episode! The teaser starts with Yi Yeon telling Taluipa (Kim Jung Nan) in an exasperated tone, “I’ll do everything you tell me to!”

As he adjusts to his unexpected time travel back to the year 1938, Yi Yeon is forced to go up against an army of soldiers. Unfitting for both the occasion and the time period, his cellphone rings and momentarily catches him off guard.

Yi Yeon then meets with new Season 2 faces Ryu Hong Joo (Kim So Yeon) and Cheon Moo Young (Ryu Kyung Soo). His old friend Ryu Hong Joo intriguingly still treats him like a child as she comments, “You’re still cute.”

Yi Yeon’s plans get overthrown in an instant when he reunites with his younger brother Yi Rang (Kim Bum) in the past, but sees him get attacked. In order to save him, Yi Yeon takes Yi Rang to a mysterious man (THE BOYZ’s Younghoon) and demands that he save his life. The man strikes up a deal with Yi Yeon, asking him to bring something in exchange for Yi Rang’s life.

However, the item this man wants is in what Yi Yeon calls the “worst place,” which turns out to be none other than in the hands of Yi Yeon from the year 1938. Someone coldly states, “You will get stuck in the past forever, watching everything you care about die.” Despite all that stands ahead of him, Yi Yeon confidently tells his brother, “I will never give up on you.”

Catch the full teaser below!

“Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938” premieres on May 6 at 9:20 p.m. KST. Watch a different teaser here!

While waiting, check out “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” with subtitles below:

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