ZEROBASEONE's Agency Shares Notice In Protection Of Members' Privacy And Safety

The agency of “Boys Planet” group ZEROBASEONE has released a statement in protection of the members’ privacy and safety.

On May 1, the following notice was posted on the group’s official fan community:

Hello, this is ZEROBASEONE staff.

This is a notice regarding offline fan etiquette for ZEROBASEONE.

This notice and request is to establish proper and orderly fan culture and for the safety of both the artists and fans, so please be fully aware of the information below.

The information in this notice is subject to change, so please check it frequently.

* Violation of the following may result in penalties such as being banned from all of ZEROBASEONE’s scheduled activities and being permanently blacklisted.

1.  Visiting, filming, and recording at personal spaces such as agency headquarters, practice room, dorm, fitness center, studio, hair and makeup salon, etc. where the artists’ privacy should be guaranteed are prohibited.

– At personal spaces where ZEROBASEONE’s privacy should be guaranteed along with nearby buildings, parking lots, cafes, etc., please refrain from waiting for the artists there, walking with them and starting conversation, or personally giving them letters and gifts. (This includes waiting [for the artists] in front of the company headquarters and at the parking lots of nearby buildings as well as nearby convenience stores, cafes, etc.)

In addition, please also refrain from the privacy-invading action of following ZEROBASEONE on their way to and from scheduled activities.

2. Visiting, filming, and recording at private scheduled activities are prohibited.

– Public broadcasts and events that fans can participate in are announced via the Schedule board within Mnet Plus.

Please refrain from visiting all scheduled activities that are not uploaded through official announcements including the [group] on their way to and from scheduled activities at undisclosed locations, unofficial events, and locations of live broadcasts.

Especially as parking lots are spaces where vehicles move around, please refrain from visiting in order to avoid safety risks caused by excessive filming for all pedestrians including the artists and fans.

3. Visiting locations for authorized personnel only is prohibited.

– Areas such as artist waiting rooms and parking lots at public broadcasts and event venues are spaces used together by ZEROBASEONE as well as other artists and broadcast staff, and they are locations for authorized personnel only, so please refrain from entering.

4. All photography, video filming, and audio recording are prohibited at areas where they are banned.

– At all locations where filming is banned including public broadcasts where fan club seating is provided, photography, video filming, and audio recording along with live streaming are prohibited.

If [such actions are] discovered, the equipment will be confiscated, all data will be deleted, and [the individual] will be forced to leave.

We do not take responsibility for damage or loss of that occurs when equipment is confiscated, and the memory card may be confiscated after data deletion.

If such actions are discovered at areas where filming is banned including broadcasting stations, there may be disadvantages given to the artists and fan club seating, so please be fully aware of the information above.

5. Precautions when visiting the airport.

– As safety risks can occur in crowded situations when the artists are departing or arriving at the airport, standing closely by the artists is prohibited, and we ask that you keep a safe distance.

All photography and video filming are banned past immigration.

Please refrain from filming at all areas past immigration including inside the aircraft, security checkpoints, lounges, duty free shops, ticket counters, security areas, etc.

In addition, please take caution in order to prevent safety risks caused by excessive filming to all pedestrians including the artists and fans.

6. Closely standing and following vehicles occupied by the artists are banned.

– Following the artists or closely following the vehicles they are occupying is prohibited.

Such actions can cause major safety risks to all drivers and pedestrians including the artists and fans, so we ask that you refrain from disorderly conduct for everyone’s safety.

Throwing letters or gifts into the vehicle is also prohibited for safety reasons.

We ask for the understanding and cooperation of fans in order to build healthy fan culture.

We once again express gratitude to the fans who show lots of support for ZEROBASEONE.

Thank you.

ZEROBASEONE is the group that was created with the top nine trainees of “Boys Planet.”

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