Lee Dong Wook Draws His Sword Against THE BOYZ’s Younghoon In “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed 1938”

Lee Dong Wook will embark on his first mission in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938”!

Starring Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, and Kim Bum, “Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” which aired at the end of 2020, tells the story of the male gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox) Yi Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) in a modern era. Although Yi Yeon found a happy ending with Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) in Season 1, he will get swept up in an unexpected incident and get summoned to the year of 1938. The new season will depict Yi Yeon’s desperate struggle to return to present day where all the people precious to him are.

With the premiere just around the corner, the series has unveiled a preview of Yi Yeon’s first mission upon arriving in the year 1938! The newly released stills capture Yi Yeon in a confrontation with Sam Cheon Gab Sa Dong Bang Sak (literally means Dong Bang Sak who has lived for 180,000 years — played by THE BOYZ’s Younghoon), someone who has the longest lifespan in the tale. Yi Yeon arrives in front of Dong Bang Sak looking rather disheveled, as if he’s just gone through a tough fight, and draws his sword against Dong Bang Sak with a fierce look in his eyes.

However, even with a blade only inches away from his throat, Dong Bang Sak doesn’t flinch. The next picture captures Yi Yeon about to draw a ball out of a mysterious box, suggesting that both have struck up a deal. After Dong Bang Sak sees what ball Yi Yeon drew, his expression turns solemn and unreadable, piquing curiosity as to what their deal is and what the ball represents.

On the other hand, other stills also show Yi Yeon’s encounter with his past self. In the absence of his first love Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah), Yi Yeon looks like he’s going through a storm, swaying his sword in a fit of rage. The other Yi Yeon —the present one— however, is watching all this from the corner of the room with a complex expression, as if he’s ashamed of his past. Anticipation is high on the upcoming first broadcast as viewers are curious to find out how this face-to-face meeting between the two Yi Yeons will turn out.

The production team teased, “The enemies of Yi Yeon, who will appear even from the first episode, have become more deceitful and powerful. The impact of the new native monsters will also be beyond your imagination. The plot will be an exciting one that makes you unable to take your eyes off the screen.”

“Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938” premieres on May 6 at 9:20 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

While you wait, watch Season 1 with subtitles below:

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