Watch: EXO’s Sehun Perfects His Basketball Skills On Set Of “All That We Loved”

All That We Loved” has shared a behind-the-scenes video for Episodes 1 and 2!

TVING’s “All That We Loved” is a romance drama about the love triangle that forms when two best friends—one of whom has donated a kidney to the other—both fall for the same transfer student in high school. EXO’s Sehun will play charming basketball star Go Yoo, while Jo Joon Young will play top student Go Joon Hee, who receives a kidney transplant from Go Yoo. Jang Yeo Bin will star as Han So Yeon, the beautiful transfer student who steals both of their hearts.

At the start of the clip, EXO’s Sehun is filming a scene from his character’s basketball game. While he erupts with anger at an opposing player during the scene, the two actors are all smiles in between takes. To further perfect all aspects of his game, Sehun brainstorms and rehearses with retired professional basketball player Woo Ji Won. Their group filming finishes with a take of Go Yoo scoring the winning basket, and the cast’s cheers are so loud that they miss the director yelling “Cut!”

In a later scene, Jo Joon Young films outside where his character Go Joon Hee gets targeted by an older student. Although he’s rescued by a teacher, the bully returns with his friends and tries to pick a fight with Go Joon Hee before Go Yoo appears to save the day.

While filming with Jo Joon Young at home, Sehun is given the difficult task of switching the way he’s sitting multiple times while delivering a line. Although it takes him a few tries, he does not give up until he’s satisfied. Joining the two after is Go Joon Hee’s grandmother Jung Hye Sun who scolds Go Yoo while he responds with aegyo. As Sehun practices whining that her hits hurt, Jung Hye Sun worriedly asks, “It hurts, right?” Sehun immediately reassures her that he was just rehearsing. Despite Sehun’s embarrassment from the cutesy scene, Jung Hye Sun comments brightly that he’s full of aegyo.

Back at school, Sehun and Jang Yeo Bin film the scene where Go Yoo offers Han So Yeon his gym clothes, which are clearly marked with his name. After, Sehun tries to make a slam dunk, and while his form is impeccable, the basketball keeps flying off the rim. When he eventually makes the shot, Sehun receives a roar of applause from the drama’s cast and crew.

Catch the full making-of video here!

The next two episodes of “All That We Loved” will air on May 12.

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