50+ BL Dramas Since 2020: A Master List For K-Drama Fans

The K-drama industry has seen a major surge of BL (Boys Love) dramas over the past few years, with the production of over 50 since 2020. For fans of the genre or those who are interested in watching more Korean BL dramas, here is an ultimate master list of dramas to binge-watch!

Updated May 2024

Where Your Eyes Linger” (2020)

“Where Your Eyes Linger” is about Han Tae Joo (Han Gi Chan) who is from a rich chaebol family and Gang Gook (Jang Eui Soo) who is his unofficial bodyguard who have been friends for 15 years until they realize their growing feelings for each other.

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Mr. Heart” (2020)

“Mr. Heart” brings together sprinter Sang Ha (Han Se Jin) and marathoner Jin Won (Cheon Seung Ho) with polar opposite personalities. Although they don’t get along at first, they eventually find their way into each other’s hearts.

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Wish You : Your Melody From My Heart” (2020)

Free-spirited singer Kang In Soo (Kang In Soo) accepts an offer from keyboardist Yoon Sang Yi (Lee Sang) to join his company’s rookie discovery project. As the two live and work together, their relationship grows and new feelings begin to blossom.

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Color Rush” (2020~2021) and “Color Rush 2” (2022)

“Color Rush” follows the story of Yeon Woo (Yoo Jun), a “mono” who sees the world in tones of gray until he meets his “probe” soulmate Yoo Han (Hur Hyun Jun), who causes his world to explode in color. In the second season, Se Hyun (VIXX’s Hyuk) helps Yeon Woo in his search for his mother and Yoo Han, who have gone missing

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To My Star” (2021) and “To My Star 2” (2022)

Popular actor Kang Seo Joon (Son Woo Hyun) gets embroiled in a major controversy and ends up hiding at the home of young chef Han Ji Woo (Kim Kang Min). The two work to overcome their personality differences and external obstacles to find their happy ending together.

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You Make Me Dance” (2021)

Song Shi On (Choo Young Woo) is a university student majoring in contemporary dance who has been kicked out of his home. He ends up living with Jin Hong Seok (Won Hyung Joon), and they form a close bond that turns romantic.

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“Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding” (2021)

When the sister of Ki Wan (Han Se Jin) leaves home to escape her arranged marriage, he dresses up as his sister and takes part in the wedding in her place. Kang In Soo plays Ho Seon, the husband in the arranged marriage.

Light On Me” (2021)

“Light On Me” is about loner high school student Woo Tae Kyung (Lee Sae On) who joins the student council, with members including Noh Shin Woo (Kang You Seok), Shin Da On (Choi Chan Yi), and Namgoong Shi Woon (Ko Woo Jin), and ends up meeting his first love.

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“Peach of Time” (2021)

In this Korean-Thai co-production, young Thai man Peach (Karn Kritsanaphan) visits Korea and realizes that his Korean friend Yoon Oh (Choi Jae Hyun) is a ghost. Peach helps Yoon Oh uncover the truth behind his death.

The Tasty Florida” (2021)

College freshman Seo Hae Won (Cha Woo Min) moves in to a guesthouse and gets a part-time job at the rooftop restaurant. Although the restaurant’s owner Baek Eun Gyu (Yoo Hwan) seems to have a serious problem with Hae Won, Hae Won finds himself falling for him.

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My Sweet Dear” (2021)

Yoon Do Gun (Lee Chan Hyung) is a chef at Laura Dining but faces conflict with the restaurant owner when the owner hires Choi Jung Woo (Jang Eui Soo), who copies other people’s recipes rather than developing his own. Although the chefs begin on the wrong foot, they begin to develop an unlikely romance.

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Tinted With You” (2021~2022)

Modern day high school student Eun Ho (A.C.E’s Jun) is unexpectedly drawn back to the past and meets the deposed Crown Prince Lee Heon (Yoo Hyun Woo). Soon Eun Ho begins to realize that he may be Lee Heon’s only chance of survival.

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Behind Cut” (2021~2022)

Ki Jin (Bum Jun) dreams of becoming a world-famous fashion designer, but he is struggling to find the right path. One day, he bumps into Yeong Woo (Eom Se Ung), an ever-optimistic part-time delivery worker who doesn’t have a dream.

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Kissable Lips” (2022)

Vampire Kim Jun Ho (Kim Ji Woong) knows that the only way to end his immortality and become human is to drink the blood of a pure-blooded human. On the brink of giving up hope, Jun Ho is shocked when he crosses paths with Choi Min Hyun (Yoon Seo Bin), a human who possesses the rare blood.

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First Love, Again” (2022)

In his third life, Yeon Seok (Jin Gun) finds that Ha Yeon, the woman he fell in love with in his first life 300 years ago, has returned as a man (Jeon Chang Ha). Yeon Seok wants nothing to do with the new Ha Yeon, but as the two are forced together by work, things between them slowly begin to change.

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Semantic Error” (2022)

Computer science student Chu Sang Woo (DKZ’s Jaechan) is assigned to a group project, but when the other group members leave him to do all the work, he removes all their names. One of his group members, popular design student Jang Jae Young (Park Seoham), then seeks him out with the plan to torment him.

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Cherry Blossoms After Winter” (2022)

After his parents pass away, seven-year-old Seo Hae Bom (Ok Jin Uk) moves in with an adoptive family who has a young son of the same age as him named Jo Tae Sung (Kang Hee). When they end up in the same high school class, they start spending more time together than ever.

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“Blueming” (2022)

Film department representative Si Won (Kang Eun Bin), who always has to put in his full effort to achieve everything, is greatly bothered by Da Woon (Jo Hyuk Joon), a fellow film student who is a naturally popular guy born in a famous family of the film industry.

Oh! Boarding House” (2022)

Sul Won (Shin Young Seok) is put in charge of his mother’s boarding house and runs into a dangerous situation immediately on the first day. Boarding house resident and high school teacher Kim Chul Soo (Im Sung Kyun) comes to the rescue, and Sul Won starts designing a plan to express his gratitude.

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Ocean Likes Me” (2022)

Han Ba Da (Han Gi Chan) achieves his lifelong dream of opening a seaside restaurant but finds himself faced with a whole new set of problems. He then meets Tommy (HOLLAND), a failed musician with no future and no idea of what to do next.

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Love Class” (2022) and “Love Class 2” (2023)

In a university class, students are paired up in to “couples” for a project about love, and Cha Ji Woo (Han Hyun Jun) ends up paired with Lee Ro Ah (Kim Tae Hwan), a tall and confident senior he has never met before. Season 2 portrays the romance of university students including Lee Hyun (J-MIN), Kim An (Kim Yong Seok), Sung Min (Jeong Woo Jae), and Joo Hyuk (An Jeong Gyun).

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“Spring of Crush” (2022)

To escape the obsession of Min Seo Yoon (Woo Tae Ha), Sal Byeol (Kim Song) disguises his identity as Choi Hye Sung, the third daughter of the Choi family, and gets in an arranged marriage with Geum Sung (Yoo Young Jae). Geum Sung slowly finds himself falling for Hye Sung.

Once Again” (2022)

Shin Jae Woo (Moon Ji Yong) is a man who is haunted by his painful memories. He dreams of being able to somehow turn back the hands of time and change his destiny—and the destiny of Kang Ji Hoon (Lee Hyun Jun), who he fell for back in 2007.

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Roommates of Poongduck 304” (2022)

Third-generation chaebol Ji Ho Joon (Kim Ji Woong) gets kicked out of his home and finds himself living at Poongduck Villa. Things gets complicated when he realizes that Poongduck Villa’s owner Seo Jae Yoon (Yoon Seo Bin) works at his family’s company and is assigned to his newfound team.

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“Choco Milk Shake” (2022)

Jung Woo (Go Hojung) loses his family and pets in an accident, but his pet dog Choco (Lee Jae Bin) and pet cat Milk (Kim Sung Hyuk) appear one day reincarnated as grown men. They start living together again, but the relationships between them begin to change.

Happy Ending Romance” (2022)

Best-selling author Kim Jung Hyun (VIXX’s Leo) has an aloof demeanor and prickly personality, but he reveals his gentle and caring side only when he’s with writer Cha Jung Woo (Karam). The two get involved in a love triangle with publishing company CEO Han Tae Young (Ha Jong Woo).

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Oh! My Assistant” (2022)

Webtoon writer Seon Ho (FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun) hires Mu Young (Ko Chan Bin) as his new assistant, but it turns out that he is actually Seon Ho’s biggest fan. Sparks begin to fly, and things get complicated when Jun Seok (Lee Do Ha) also comes in the picture.

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The New Employee” (2022~2023)

In his late twenties, Seung Hyun (Moon Ji Yong) lands the internship of his dreams and ends up working under the cold workaholic manager Jong Chan (Kwon Hyuk). No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to escape Jong Chan’s presence.

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“The Director Who Buys Me Dinner” (2022~2023)

Min Yoo Dam (Park Young Woon) is a company director who has gone through four reincarnations and remembers all of his past lives while Seol Dong Baek (Park Jung Woo) is a new employee who is cursed and can only stay alive by dating Min Yoo Dam.

Individual Circumstances” (2023)

Ha Yeon Woo (Han Jung Wan) is a movie director who has fallen into a slump, while Sung Woo Jae (MYNAME’s Kang Jun Kyu) is a famous web novel writer dealing with the wounds left by his first love. When the two meet after a long time, passionate romance begins.

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All The Liquors” (2023)

Han Ji Yu (Kim Joon Hyung) works in the marketing team of an alcohol-producing company while chef Park Ki Hoon (Won Do Hyun) denies the offer to help promote the company because he hates alcohol. Han Ji Yu begins working at Park Ki Hoon’s restaurant to try to convince him.

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Our Dating Sim” (2023)

Lee Wan (Lee Jong Hyuk) and Shin Ki Tae (Lee Seung Gyu) were best friends in high school but grew apart after Lee Wan confessed his romantic feelings for Shin Ki Tae. Seven years later, the two reunite when Lee Wan shows up at a job interview for the gaming company that Shin Ki Tae is a manager of.

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“Unintentional Love Story” (2023)

Ji Won Young (B1A4’s Gongchan) is an employee of a large company who needs to win the heart of ceramic artist Yoon Tae Joon (Cha Seo Won), the company chairman’s favorite artist, in order to return to work after being in danger of being dismissed from his job.

A Shoulder to Cry On” (2023)

Lee Da Yeol (OMEGA X’s Jaehan) is an outsider at school who dreams of becoming an archer, but an ill-timed run-in with the popular student Jo Tae Hyun (OMEGA X’s Yechan) places his school scholarship in jeopardy. Da Yeol cannot stand Tae Hyun, but the more time they spend together, the more complicated his feelings become.

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The Eighth Sense” (2023)

Ji Hyun (Oh Jun Taek) is a freshman from a small rural town who struggles to form meaningful relationships. Meanwhile, Jae Won (Lim Ji Sub) returns to university after completing his military service, and when they meet, the two start to develop feelings for one another.

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Happy Merry Ending” (2023)

Pianist Jae Hyun (Byun Seong Tae) is offered a regular part-time job as a wedding accompanist and plans on turning down the offer, but when he sees Seung Jun (KNK’s Lee Dong Won), the wedding singer and host he would be working with, he quickly changes his mind.

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Love Mate” (2023)

Seo Lee Joon (Cho Hyun Min) is the team leader of So What Media’s planning and content production team who was once hurt by love. His life begins to turn upside down when new employee Jeong Ha Ram (Cho Han Gyul) is so open about his interest in him.

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“Starstruck” (2023)

Jo Yoo Jae (SF9’s Zuho), who has everything from looks to a great personality, athleticism, and intelligence, and Seo Han Joon (Kim In Seong), who has an optimistic personality despite growing up in a difficult environment, are high school students who have been each other’s only safe place since they were young.

“Love Tractor” (2023)

“Love Tractor” is a healing romance drama that follows the story of city boy Sun Yool (Do Won) and country boy Ye Chan (Yoon Do Jin). The two gradually grow closer as the pure-hearted and passionate Ye Chan begins to lend a helping hand to Sun Yool, who is trying his best to adjust to life in the countryside.

Jun & Jun” (2023)

“Jun & Jun” is a romantic comedy about Lee Jun (Yang Jun Mo), a former idol who is now an intern at a cosmetic company, who reunites with Choi Jun (Ki Hyun Woo), a manager at the company who he knows from the past. Now coworkers, romantic sparks begin to fly between the two.

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“Sing My Crush” (2023)

“Sing My Crush” is a music drama about Ba Ram (Jang Do Yoon), who is used to hiding his feelings because of the heartbreak from his first love, and Han Tae (Son Hyeon Woo), who wants to know everything about Ba Ram, as they navigate between friendship and love.

WHY R U?” (2023)

A Korean remake of the popular Thai drama of the same name, “WHY R U?” is a rom-com about Iwon (Lee Jung Min) who discovers that his younger sister is writing a BL web novel with him and Ji Oh (Lee Ye Hwan) as the main characters. Before he knows it, stories from the novel start to come true in real life.

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“Love for Love’s Sake” (2024)

“Love for Love’s Sake” is a fantasy romance drama about 29-year-old Tae Myung Ha (Lee Tae Vin) who falls into the game he creates as his 19-year-old self and is given the mission to bring happiness to his favorite character Cha Yeo Woon (Cha Joo Wan).

“Jazz for Two” (2024)

“Jazz for Two” is a school romance drama about Woo Yeon High School’s Yoon Se Hyun (Newkidd’s Jinkwon), a transfer student who loves jazz music, and Han Tae Yi (Ji Ho Geun), a student who hates jazz music due to personal trauma.

Love Is Like a Cat” (2024)

A Korean-Thai collaboration, “Love Is Like a Cat” is a BL drama about global superstar Piuno (Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat) who works at a pet daycare to save his reputation and begins working with the daycare’s director Daebyeol (JUST B’s JM).

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“Gray Shelter” (2024)

“Gray Shelter” is a BL drama about Cha Soo Hyuk (Jang Woo Young), living day by day without major aspirations, who reunites with his past friend Lee Yoon Dae (Lee Jae Bin), who has nowhere to go after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Boys Be Brave!” (2024)

Based on a popular webtoon, “Boys Be Brave!” is a romantic comedy that follows the story that unfolds when Jung Ki Sub (Nam Si An) begins to unexpectedly live at Kim Jin Woo’s (Kim Sung Hyen’s) house.

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“Blossom Campus” (2024)

“Blossom Campus” tells the story of music student Min Jae (Son Byung Hoon) and taekwondo student Yoon Chan (Choi Dong Ho) as they walk the fine line between friendship and romance.

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