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Kim Woo Bin recently chatted about his new hit series “Black Knight”!

Based on a webtoon, “Black Knight” takes place in 2071 when pollution has become so severe that people can’t survive without respirators. The series tells the story that unfolds as legendary deliveryman 5-8 (Kim Woo Bin) meets refugee Sa Wol (Kang You Seok), who dreams of becoming a deliveryman because they are the refugees’ only hope, and their struggle against Cheonmyeong Group, an organization that is eager to rule the world with their vicious cruelty.

Following its May 12 release, “Black Knight” has become a hit all around the world, quickly topping Netflix’s global (non-English) top 10 chart.

On what drew him to star in the drama, Kim Woo Bin shared, “When I first received the script, I was happy to receive an offer from director Cho Ui Seok. That was first. At the time, since we were all living in a world where everyone was wearing masks, it was interesting because I thought this [story] could potentially happen in real life. While reading the script, I could feel each character coming to life and I was curious about 5-8. That’s why I decided to join.”

Regarding the drama’s message, Kim Woo Bin revealed, “In my opinion, 5-8 is someone who is abandoned for the sole reason of being a refugee, feels hurt, and wants everyone to be happy. I also regularly think that although we cannot all live the same in the same situations, we’re all people who were born to receive love and have a duty to be happy. I hope that after watching this drama, many people will once again feel that they are precious people who deserve to be happy and loved. I hope people live while loving more and being even happier.”

As the actor mentioned previously, “Black Knight” was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning all the cast and crew had to film while wearing masks. Kim Woo Bin explained, “The prop masks had no function whatsoever. They were just for show. We had to wear masks because of COVID-19 so we wore real masks inside our prop masks. On cold days, they’d fog up so if there was action or a long line, it got so stuffy to the point where water would drip [from the mask]. Rather than that being a distraction, I think it helped to understand how the characters felt. It helped a bit with immersing [into the role].”

Alongside Kim Woo Bin, “Black Knight” stars Song Seung Heon, Esom, Kang You Seok, and more. When asked about his chemistry with his co-stars, Kim Woo Bin shared, “Seong Heon makes the atmosphere fun. I felt so comfortable on set. One thing that surprised me was that he looked so similar to the image I saw on TV when I was younger. I was curious about what on earth he eats. Every time we met up, I asked him, ‘Please tell me what you eat.’ I even asked how he exercises and we had a lot of personal conversations like that.”

Kim Woo Bin continued, “I was meeting with Esom in a project for the first time in 12-13 years, so I was thankful and happy for that in itself. Although we didn’t talk a ton, I figure that we felt the same. I even thought, ‘She’s been doing well, she’s survived well.'”

On Kang You Seok, Kim Woo Bin shared, “As soon as I first saw You Seok, I thought he was Sa Wol. I thought his casting was done well with regards to his unique energy, playfulness, aegyo, and acting. Unfortunately, we had a lot of sets so I couldn’t keep filming with these three. Those aspects are regretful. It would’ve been great to spend more time with them. Since we were travelling across the country, we’d film in different regions. I mainly filmed with the Black Knight members.”

After taking a hiatus in 2017 following his diagnosis with nasopharyngeal cancer, “Black Knight” now marks Kim Woo Bin’s third project since returning to acting. Given that he’s worked consistently since his return, the interviewer asked how his health was. Kim Woo Bin answered, “I’m sleeping well, eating well, and thinking positively. Being busy is something to be thankful for and means that there are a lot of people seeking me out. That’s why I’m trying to work happily.”

Kim Woo Bin elaborated, “In the past, I think there were moments like this. As I first started work, I wanted people to seek me out, but once I had a lot of work, my body felt tired and I thought about wanting to rest. I was shocked to realize that. This was something I wanted so badly, but now that it was reality, I thought I was being whiny so I was surprised at my change of heart. Since then, I’ve been more grateful. I’m happy and thankful to so many reporters for making time.”

On whether people’s concerns for his health were ever a burden, Kim Woo Bin shared, “Feeling very grateful comes first. Thankfully, I’ve shared greetings in a lot of places now so many people know that I’ve become healthy. Before this, every person I met asked ‘Are you feeling okay?’ so that was a bit burdensome but I’m thankful that many people acknowledge it now.”

Kim Woo Bin then emphasized, “To reiterate my current health, they said at the hospital that my body is much healthier than it was before. When I do health checkups, everything is normal. Including the reporters and myself, I’m probably the healthiest here. I don’t really do things that are bad for my body.” Laughing, the actor added, “I hope you reporters always take care of your health and even if you’re busy, please get a health checkup once a year.”

Check out Kim Woo Bin in “Uncontrollably Fond” on Viki here!

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