NewJeans' Danielle Highlights Her Members' Defining Traits, Talks About Living Out Her Childhood Dreams, And More

NewJeans’ Danielle has posed with Burberry for Dazed Korea!

Danielle, who is a global ambassador for luxury British fashion house Burberry, recently spoke to Dazed magazine about her relationship with the brand. She commented, “When I think about Burberry, it overlaps with my childhood memories. When I was younger, I played often with my older sister. We rummaged through our mom and grandma’s closets, wore their clothes, and pretended we were walking down a runway like models. Among the clothes I wore then, the one I liked the most was my grandmother’s Burberry coat. Even in the eyes of my younger self, that old coat was still cool and elegant. I think that’s what cemented my impression of Burberry.”

Even at her young age, Danielle is already known for being incredibly strict about her health and NewJeans’ “nutritionist.” Using her impressive knowledge, Danielle compared her fellow NewJeans members to different nutrients. “Hyein suits vitamin C,” Danielle commented. “She has a distinctive freshness. Minji is either protein or magnesium. She’s solid and always carries in the energy we need.”

She continued, “Hani is dietary fiber or omega-3. She’s like a dietary fiber that makes both your mind and body healthy. She’s also small, round, and cute like dietary omega-3. Haerin is vitamin A. Vitamin A is the nutrient that keeps your organs strong and Haerin is exactly that for NewJeans.”

In order to chat with their fans Bunnies, NewJeans is active on a mobile app called “Phoning.” Danielle explained, “It’s an application that helps me become closer with Bunnies. I gain so much strength and energy while communicating with fans. Sometimes I ask fans things I’m curious about through Phoning and there are so many smart people. If I ask one thing, I get so many in-depth responses back so I learn a lot.”

To conclude, Danielle shared, “Ever since I was younger, I dreamed about living a life where I only do happy and enjoyable things. I believe that with NewJeans, I’m living out the teen years I dreamt of. So I think my remaining teen years will be exciting too. While time will likely fly by busily and chaotically, I think I’ll be able to experience a ton of things. Each and every moment in front of me right now is precious. I’m living diligently.”

Danielle will be voice acting Ariel for the Korean-dubbed version of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” which hits theaters across Korea later this week on May 24.

Watch Danielle in “NewJeans Code in Busan” here!

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