Kim Myung Soo, Choi Jin Hyuk, Yeonwoo, And More Exude Different Charms In

Upcoming drama “Numbers” has unveiled character posters for INFINITE’s Kim Myung Soo, Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Min Soo, Yeonwoo, and Kim Yoo Ri!

MBC’s upcoming drama “Numbers” tells the story of Jang Ho Woo (Kim Myung Soo), the first accountant without a college degree to join the prestigious Taeil Accounting Firm and his suspenseful fight for justice and revenge as he tackles all sorts of obstacles at the elite firm.

The first poster depicts Jang Ho Woo, an ambitious and motivated new accountant. The phrase, “I will be the core of Taeil Accounting,” reflects his extraordinary determination but also raises questions about what he means by “core.”

Next, Choi Jin Hyuk transforms into Han Seung Jo, a man with a well-off family, exceptional educational background, and good personality who is also the only son of the vice president of Taeil Accounting Firm. Han Seung Jo is not interested in other people, but he is unforgiving of those who cross his boundaries. In the poster, Choi Jin Hyuk adds his own color to Han Seung Jo’s charm to create a three-dimensional character. The text that reads, “I’m confident that I won’t stand in my father’s shadow, nor will I be tied to it,” adds to his self-assured charm.

Captured with mysterious harmony between a gentle smile, fierce, intense eyes, and text reading, “Welcome to Taeil Accounting Firm,” Choi Min Soo exudes unrivaled charm as Han Je Gyun, the vice president of Taeil Accounting, a symbol of noblesse oblige, and Han Seung Jo’s father.

Yeonwoo is captured as Jin Yeon Ah, a cute and lovable accountant who is scared of numbers but not the world. The words, “It’s hard to survive here if you don’t have self-esteem,” gives a glimpse of Yeon Ah’s bright and positive personality as well as her work ethic.

Wearing a bright red suit and staring at the camera with a poker face, Kim Yoo Ri is captured as Jang Ji Soo, a Hong Kong private equity manager and former lover of Han Seung Jo. In addition to her cold eyes and emotionless expression, the phrase, “The Jang Ji Soo of that time is no more,” piques viewers’ curiosity about what happened in her past and what kind of narrative she has with her former lover Han Seung Jo.

“Numbers” will premiere on June 23 at 9:50 p.m. KST

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