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(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi is featured in Single magazine’s latest issue!

In Yuqi’s interview accompanying her glamorous photo shoot, she talked about (G)I-DLE’s latest comeback with “Queencard.” When asked to describe the mini album in one word, Yuqi chose “freedom” and explained, “For starters, it was very freeing and fun for us members to make, sing, and dance to the songs. The message that continues from our pre-release track ‘Allergy‘ to our title track ‘Queencard’ is all about ‘freedom.’ This also comes out in the three different kinds of concept photos we released. We captured the desire to freely fly like a butterfly and the image of feeling and expressing yourself freely.”

(G)I-DLE’s “All Night” and “Peter Pan” off their latest mini album “I feel” are both written by Yuqi. Regarding these songs, Yuqi commented, “I tried to sincerely express what Yuqi currently feels and wants to say. ‘All Night’ is a song with a beat that suits a party. Instead of conveying a particularly difficult meaning, I captured the simple message of ‘I’m the coolest in the world, let’s play and dance all night long at the club.'”

When asked about her personal expectations for “I feel,” Yuqi answered, “My goal for this year was ‘let’s do everything I want to do.’ This comeback was also possible because I wanted to do it. I hope people see that ‘Yuqi is really enjoying herself.’ I believe that I have to really want it and be happy so that the people watching can enjoy themselves too.”

The interviewer pointed out how much confidence Yuqi was radiating, to which she responded, “Of course. Because we prepared so diligently. And because I trust myself. I’m definitely going to have a blast on stage. Regardless of the reaction [to the album], if I enjoy myself and have fun in the moment, then that’s enough.”

Elaborating on her belief in herself, Yuqi shared, “I’m quite stubborn and feel compelled to be perfect. But I am not afraid of failure. To be honest, all failures are not failures. Even if you fail a test, you will get another opportunity. You just have to prepare better next time. If you focus on what’s ahead rather than what’s already happened, you won’t have regrets.”

The nature of being an artist is having to put out a creation and receive some kind of response or feedback. On how she feels a sense of accomplishment on her own, Yuqi explained, “Every moment is like that. After looking at my photo shoot today, I’ll say, ‘Ah, I did well!’ Even after I buy something at the convenience store, I say, ‘I bought what I needed.’ I believe I have to live like this in order to have a positive influence on others watching me.”

Catch Yuqi’s full interview and photo shoot in the June issue of Singles!

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