Watch: Woo Do Hwan And Lee Sang Yi Use Their Boxing Experience To Take Down Park Sung Woong In

Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” has unveiled a second teaser!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Bloodhounds” is an action noir about two young people who step into the world of loan sharks in pursuit of money and get caught up in a web of much darker forces.

Woo Do Hwan stars as Gun Woo, who enters the world of loan sharks to pay off his debts. After Gun Woo meets Mr. Choi (Heo Joon Ho), the once promising boxer becomes a bodyguard. Lee Sang Yi will take on the role of Woo Jin, a fellow former boxer who ends up working with Gun Woo. Park Sung Woong will play Myeong Gil, a vicious loan shark driven solely by money who will get into a tense conflict with Mr. Choi.

The latest teaser kicks off with Mr. Choi explaining, “Myeong Gil is an incredibly tough and cruel man.” He adds, “I’m going to send the bloodhounds.”

Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon then makes a brief appearance as someone in a meeting with Myeong Gil, who shares that he works in investments. Myeong Gil casually comments, “Since you’re short 100 billion won [approximately $75,561,200], I’ll put up 100 billion won.”

Myeong Gil approaches Gun Woo and his mother and asks them to repay their loan. When they remain still, Myeong Gil nonchalantly instructs his minions to attack Gun Woo.

Later, Gun Woo and Woo Jin look over an ad for special loans with super low interest rates specifically targeting those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Woo Jin explains, “The more desperate someone is, the easier they are to prey on.” As he urges Gun Woo to repay his own loans, Gun Woo sadly responds, “I have no money.”

Eventually, the pair teams up with Mr. Choi, a legend in the world of loan sharks, who firmly expresses his determination to take down his enemy Myeong Gil. Gun Woo explains, “The only thing I know how to do is use my strength, but I want to be of help until the end,” with Woo Jin quickly agreeing.

Although Myeong Gil instructs his team to cut their throats, the pair proves to be harder to kill than anticipated. Mr. Choi reminds them, “This is a war that only ends when someone dies.”

At the end, Myeong Gil holds down a bloodied Gun Woo and asks, “Do you want to work under me?” Wordlessly, Gun Woo responds by spitting blood in Myeong Gil’s face.

Watch the action-packed teaser below!

Regarding the lead characters’ close bond, Woo Do Hwan shared, “Woo Jin is like family to Gun Woo. He’s someone he has to protect and the only person he can rely on.” Lee Sang Yi added, “Woo Jin shares the reality with Gun Woo, who doesn’t know much about world affairs, and Gun Woo shows brotherhood and loyalty to the lonely and hollow Woo Jin.”

Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” will be released on June 9! Catch a different teaser here.

While waiting for the premiere, watch Woo Do Hwan in “MAD DOG” below!

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