Watch: Park Gyu Young Proves Being An Influencer Isn’t All Glitz And Glamor In Mysterious Trailer And Poster For “Celebrity”

Park Gyu Young’s upcoming Netflix series “Celebrity” has shared new teasers!

“Celebrity” is an upcoming Netflix series that depicts the true reality of the glamorous and competitive life of celebrities encountered by Seo Ah Ri, who jumps into a world where fame brings riches and experiences a whirlwind of events. The drama will star Park Gyu Young as Seo Ah Ri along with CNBLUE’s Kang Min HyukLee Chung AhLee Dong Gun, and Jun Hyosung.

The latest poster for “Celebrity” shows how deeply Seo Ah Ri’s life is intertwined with social media. Although fabulous at first glance, the smaller details of the poster prove that the enviable life of an influencer is not always exactly as it seems. Splatters of blood cover Seo Ah Ri’s face, neck, and the bag behind her, aligning with the poster’s caption “The murderer who killed me is my follower.” On Seo Ah Ri’s Instagram Live, the comments ask, “You’re Seo Ah Ri?” “Didn’t she die?” “I have goosebumps is this real?”

The drama’s new teaser captures Seo Ah Ri’s journey from being a regular person to a top celebrity and what exactly her life as an influencer entails. As Seo Ah Ri steps into the spotlight, the narrator comments, “Become famous. Then the world will go crazy even if you poop.” They add, “A world where anyone can make money if they become famous.” Someone else chimes in, “The treatment [for influencers] is better than your average celebrity.”

Other personalities in Seo Ah Ri’s chaotic influencer world include third generation chaebol Han Joon Kyung (CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk), who takes a particular interest in Seo Ah Ri, Yoon Shi Hyun (Lee Chung Ah), who doesn’t even have social media but is envied by many, Yoon Shi Hyun’s husband Jin Tae Jeon (Lee Dong Gun), a representative for a large law firm, and social media star Oh Min Hye (Jun Hyosung), Seo Ah Ri’s former friend who has her own brand.

Much to the dismay and confusion of all these characters, Seo Ah Ri holds a tell-all Instagram Live broadcast to reveal how she became a celebrity and the truth behind the the world of influencers. However, the confusion spreads to viewers too, who were under the impression that Seo Ah Ri had died.

As the truth slowly starts to unravel, someone casually states, “You’re familiar with this world. Doubt is necessary and believing is a choice.”

The clip hilariously ends with a group of influencers flashing bright smiles for a group photo, then immediately going their separate ways without saying a word.

Watch the teaser below!

Through this story of influencers who gain money and power depending on their follower count, director Kim Chul Kyu expressed his hope to “clearly highlight the desire to rise in rank.”

“Celebrity” will be released via Netflix in over 190 countries around the world on June 30.

In the meantime, check out Park Gyu Young in “The Nokdu Flower” on Viki!

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