“Doctor Cha” Stars Say Goodbye + Thank Viewers Ahead Of Tonight’s Finale

The stars of JTBC’s “Doctor Cha” have shared their thoughts ahead of tonight’s series finale!

With just one episode left to go, “Doctor Cha” stars Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Byung Chul, Myung Se Bin, and Min Woo Hyuk took a nostalgic look back at the hit drama and expressed their gratitude to the show’s many fans.

Uhm Jung Hwa, who starred as the titular Cha Jung Sook, spoke fondly of her experience watching the drama as a viewer over the past two months.

“While laughing and crying together with Cha Jung Sook and empathizing with her, I felt like I was living as Cha Jung Sook once again,” shared the actress. “Watching the show, the emotions I felt during filming came alive again, so it was a happy time for me.”

Uhm Jung Hwa went on, “I prayed that many people would be able to relate to Cha Jung Sook and enjoy watching the drama, and I’m happy because I think my wish came true. It’s a drama that holds special meaning for me and that I won’t forget. I hope all the Cha Jung Sooks in the world will always believe in themselves and find the courage to chase their dreams.”

As for what viewers can look forward to in the series finale, Uhm Jung Hwa remarked, “I think many people are curious about the choice Cha Jung Sook will make as they cheer her on. Please stay tuned until the end.”

Kim Byung Chul, who played Cha Jung Sook’s philandering husband Seo In Ho, expressed his regret at having to say goodbye to the show.

“Because it’s a drama that we prepared for quite a long time, I feel sad that it’s ending,” said the actor. “But I think that I’ll be able to wrap up with a happy heart thanks to all of the viewers.”

When asked what to keep an eye out for in the series finale, Kim Byung Chul replied, “How Cha Jung Sook’s deteriorating health affects her divorce suit and her relationship with Seo In Ho.”

Myung Se Bin played the role of Seo In Ho’s mistress Choi Seung Hee, who struggled with her personal relationships despite her accomplishments as a doctor in her professional life.

Reflecting on her experience filming the drama, Myung Se Bin commented, “I learned a lot from the other actors, and I’m grateful that I was able to take on the new challenge of playing the character Choi Seung Hee.”

The actress also expressed her gratitude for the show’s immense popularity, noting, “I too laughed and cried together with ‘Doctor Cha’ as both an actor and a viewer. I could feel viewers’ passionate love and support for the drama, which made me feel so grateful.”

Min Woo Hyuk, who played the charming doctor Roy Kim, similarly remarked, “I’m truly happy that this drama, which we all toiled together to create, received so much love.”

Looking towards the series finale, Min Woo Hyuk continued, “I think viewers will probably be curious to see how the relationships between these four characters work themselves out. Please keep an eye on what kind of choice Roy Kim, who has learned the true meaning of family by watching Cha Jung Sook, will make.”

Finally, he concluded, “I’m honored to have been part of such a great drama. I’m sincerely thankful to everyone who related to and cheered on ‘Doctor Cha.'”

The final episode of “Doctor Cha” will air on June 4 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Uhm Jung Hwa in her hit film “Okay Madam” with subtitles below!

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