Watch: Bae Hyun Sung And Jung Woo Have A Strange First Meeting In New Teaser For Upcoming Drama

The official teaser for Jung Woo and Bae Hyun Sung’s new JTBC drama is finally here!

“Miracle Brothers” (literal translation) is a mystery drama centering around Yook Dong Joo (Jung Woo), an aspiring writer with tons of debt, and a mysterious boy named Kang San (Bae Hyun Sung), who has unique powers. The story focuses on the process of creating miracles that go beyond the limits of time. The newly released teaser gives viewers their very first glimpse at these two mysterious people, revealing that their fateful meeting left one a victim and the other a perpetrator. How do they eventually come to be “brothers,” and what kinds of twists and turns await them?

The trailer starts out showing Yook Dong Joo going about his part-time job, his dream of being a famous writer nothing more than that—a dream. Meanwhile, his mother (So Hee Jung) appears to have lost their lease.

The scene changes to show Yook Dong Joo driving along in his car on a stormy night, yelling into the night in apparent anger. Suddenly, lightning flashes across the sky, and a person crashes directly into his car.

Miraculously enough, the victim of the car accident wakes up. But to Yook Dong Joo’s quick realization, this boy is a bit…odd. After only a short amount of time, the boy decides that he’ll call Yook Dong Joo his “brother” and then proceeds to confidently state, “I will go to my brother’s house.”

But the shock doesn’t end there. After seeing this mystery boy, who viewers will later learn is named Kang San, demonstrate some superhuman powers by making a man fly through the air and crash into a wall, Yook Dong Joo is rightfully spooked.

“I’m calm. Why are you so anxious?” Kang San asks. Despite Kang San technically being the victim, it’s quite ironic to see Yook Dong Joo being the one who is so spooked.

What kinds of miracles will this unlikely duo create, and what does their story entail?

A producer from the show said, “The first teaser video released contains the first meeting between Yook Dong Joo and Kang San, brothers born by fate. A mysterious yet exciting story awaits viewers, exploring why the incident in which Yook Dong Joo is given a younger brother that he could have never imagined is fate and how it becomes a miracle.” They added, “We ask for your interest and excitement until the first broadcast on June 28.”

Watch the first teaser here!

“Miracle Brothers” is set to premiere on June 28 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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