Kang Dong Won, Park Jung Min, Cha Seung Won, Jung Sung Il, And More Confirmed For Netflix's New Historical Film

Netflix’s upcoming movie has confirmed its cast lineup!

On June 7, Netflix shared cast photos from the first script reading of its new movie “War and Revolt” (working title) that confirmed the final cast lineup including Kang Dong Won, Park Jung Min, Cha Seung Won, Kim Shin Rok, Jin Sun Kyu, and Jung Sung Il.

“War and Revolt” is a historical film set during the Japanese invasion of Korea and tells the story of two childhood friends Jong Ryeo (Park Jung Min), the son of Joseon’s highest military family, and his servant Cheon Young (Kang Dong Won). The two later meet up as adversaries after Jong Ryeo grows up to be a bodyguard for the greedy King Seonjo (Cha Seung Won) while Cheon Young becomes a righteous army.

Kang Dong Won is set to star as Cheon Young, someone from a low social class who has the finest sword skills. The story follows Cheon Young as he tries his best to escape from his unfairly imposed slave status.

Park Jung Min will play Jong Ryeo, the son of the highest military family in Joseon who first brings Cheon Young in as a servant. After passing the military service examination and advancing to a higher-ranking position, Jong Ryeo becomes King Seonjo’s bodyguard. Jong Ryeo is a character who befriends servants despite the difference in their statuses but ends up suffering setbacks due to this.

Cha Seung Won will take the role of King Seonjo, the King who abandons the people and flees when the Japanese Invasion of Korea breaks out in 1592. Even after the war, King Seonjo’s only focus is to regain back and assert his authority.

“Hellbound” star Kim Shin Rok will play the role of the righteous army Bum Dong, a strong and upright character who never surrenders to the enemy or hierarchical class system.

Jin Sun Kyu will star as Kim Ja Ryeong, a yangban (aristocrat) who becomes a righteous army commander. Kim Ja Ryeong is a loyal, wise, and humble character who doesn’t only lead the people but also personally stands beside them through thick and thin.

Lastly, Jung Sung Il from the hit Netflix series “The Glory” will join the movie as Kenshin, a brutal Japanese vanguard who takes notice of Cheon Young’s extraordinary sword skills.

“War and Revolt” is helmed by director Kim Sang Man of “Midnight FM” and is the first Korean film where Netflix is teaming up with globally acclaimed filmmaker Park Chan Wook. On top of participating in the production of the movie, Park Chan Wook also co-wrote the scenario alongside writer Shin Chul.

Are you excited for this movie? Stay tuned for more updates!

While waiting, watch Kang Dong Won in “Peninsula” below:

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