7 K-Pop Idols With Charming And Unique

Dimples are usually known as cute little accents to a smile that appear near the corners of the mouth. Idols with dimples include BTS’s RM and TWICE’s Chaeyoung, among many others. There’s a type of dimple you might not have heard of though – whisker dimples! Whisker dimples appear on the tops of the cheeks near the nose, just like a cat’s whiskers. They’re a unique and subtle addition to a smile. Here are a few idols with charming whisker dimples!

1. Stray KidsHyunjin


Hyunjin’s representative animal is a ferret, but he has some seriously cat-like whisker dimples! Appearing just under his cheekbones, they look just like little whiskers when he smiles. They’re hard to spot at first, but they add a unique charm to his visuals.

2. Red Velvet’s Joy

Along with her adorable eye smile, Joy also has an extra charming point to add to her features – her whisker dimples! They appear right on the apples of her cheeks, making her smile extra sweet. Even just seeing her grin is enough to make you smile too!

3. MONSTA X’s Kihyun

Kihyun’s hobby is photography, so it’s extra adorable that his whisker dimples appear when he’s snapping a shot! He has some particularly strong whisker dimples under his eyes, curving downwards just like cat whiskers would. Of course, they also show up when he smiles!

4. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

Moonbyul has a sweet pair of whisker dimples that show up as soft little creases under her eyes when she smiles. The way they appear next to her nose is just so cat-like, and they add a special charm to her visuals that makes her stand out. They’re perfect on her!

5. TXT’s Beomgyu

Beomgyu’s cute aegyosal might be the first thing that you notice when he smiles, but he also has a handsome pair of whisker dimples! They’re the perfect accompaniment to his aegyosal and bright grin. Their appearance makes his smile extra unique and memorable.

6. ITZY’s Ryujin

Perhaps the female idol who is most well-known for her whisker dimples, Ryujin’s pretty smile has been beloved since her debut. She has two pairs of whisker dimples, one higher up on her cheekbones near the corners of her eyes and one closer to her nose. They’re just too cute!

7. BTS’s Jimin

Jimin is known for his plump, mochi-like cheeks, but they hold a secret – his whisker dimples! They’re a rare find, but they can sometimes be spotted when he’s smiling or laughing. Look for them on the outer sides of his cheekbones, curving downwards just like cat whiskers!

Can you think of any other idols with whisker dimples? Tell us in the comments!

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