7 Memorable MAMAMOO Songs That Are Impossible Not To Love

On June 18, 2014, MAMAMOO made their official debut into the K-pop music world! Nine years later, the girls are still entertaining fans with incredible music that is impossible not to love. From their early hit singles to more modern tracks, MAMAMOO doesn’t disappoint. Here are some songs that will help you celebrate their special anniversary and be catchy enough to attract new fans.

“Don’t Be Happy” (with Bumkey)

One of MAMAMOO’s first singles was this smooth R&B track. The lyrics behind “Don’t Be Happy” express someone missing their ex because they left them. Out of spite, they don’t want them to be happy in the future. The sassy song, which Bumkey joined for the ride, has a powerful message and is catchy enough to intrigue new listeners. Share this single with your best friends who need to be properly introduced to K-pop, and celebrate MAMAMOO’s anniversary right!

“AHH OOP!” (with eSNa)

This strong pop single is what catchy music is all about! Fans will be entranced by the commanding “AHH OOP!” lyrics demanding respect from potential mates. MAMAMOO and eSNa create music magic that you’ll want to play at every party because it’s undeniably catchy and showcases MAMAMOO’s vocal skills.

“Um Oh Ah Yeh”

“Um Oh Ah Yeh” is definitely a track that will keep music fans mesmerized. This expertly blended R&B and classic synthpop track, which is co-written by MAMAMOO members Solar, Moonbyul, and Hwasa, is an incredible song by the girl group. “Um Oh Ah Yeh” is all about someone who is in love with another person, but they are unaware of their true gender. This anniversary month, fall in love with someone’s soul like MAMAMOO! New listeners may fall hard for the girl group’s catchy tune too.

“I Miss You”

The best mix of the R&B and ballad genres is the catchy “I Miss You” single. It’s the perfect music medicine to heal your soul, and MAMAMOO is very relatable in this track. “I Miss You” is all about someone grieving the end of a relationship. They are having a tough time moving on because they miss their significant other so much. Any group of friends will appreciate this realistic song, and new fans are bound to be attracted to the melody and message as well.


You won’t be able to resist this melody that expertly blends disco, dance, and pop. The lyrics in “Dingga” express someone’s overwhelming desire to hang out with friends. The song, which was released during the pandemic, still reminded listeners about spending quality time alone and social distancing. “Dingga” is a great song to celebrate MAMAMOO’s anniversary, even if you do it as a party of one! New K-pop fans will adore the catchy beats and modern vibe.

“Better” (Feat. BIG Naughty)

This R&B and soul track, which BIG Naughty joins, by MAMAMOO’s unit group MAMAMOO+ brings the best mood to the listener! “Better” is all about enjoying a seemingly mundane life with loved ones. It’s about the comforting moments someone spends with their significant other or someone special. MAMAMOO’s arrival in K-pop makes their fans’ lives so much brighter, and that is all the more reason to celebrate their anniversary by placing this track high on your go-to playlist! “Better” puts listeners in a great mood due to its amazing message.

“1,2,3 Eoi!”

It doesn’t get any catchier than a song that perfectly fuses dance and hip hop together. This single allows listeners to become acquainted with MAMAMOO’s cheering chant: “1,2,3 Eoi!” This track has MAMAMOO’s identity written all over it. “1,2, 3 Eoi!” is their self-expression song as a group. There is no better way to celebrate their anniversary than cheering for MAMAMOO with this one!

Hey Soompiers, which song introduced you to MAMAMOO? Is there a specific single you would introduce to new K-pop fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm”! For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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