Julien Kang And YouTuber JJ Announce Engagement

Julien Kang is now engaged to his girlfriend JJ!

Last month on May 19, YouTuber JJ took to her personal channel “TMI JeeEun” to announce that she recently began dating French-Korean actor Julien Kang, who she’s been close friends with for three years. At the time, JJ also shared that the two were planning to visit Canada in June, which is where Julien Kang is from.

On June 27, Julien Kang shared a photo on Instagram of him holding JJ’s hand with an engagement ring on JJ’s finger. He wrote in his caption, “Why waste time when you know she’s the one? #engaged.”

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On the same day, JJ uploaded a YouTube video titled “Surprise proposal at boyfriend’s hometown” and personally shared more details about the engagement. JJ revealed, “Last night, we were just cuddling on the couch and talking casually when he suddenly asked me, ‘Do you love me?’ And when I said yes, he suddenly showed me the ring and asked me to marry him.”

Showing the engagement ring to the camera, JJ shared, “We were wearing comfortable clothes when suddenly he said it. I was really really surprised. He didn’t just buy the ring from a store. He had it custom-made overseas.”

Julian Kang then explained, “It’s hard to find a ring with that shape in Korea. Also, I didn’t want to just simply give money and buy the ring from a store. I wanted to personally put effort into finding it and custom-make it. It holds more meaning than buying it from a store. After all, I only get to buy [an engagement] ring once in my lifetime, right?”

Upon JJ’s remark that Julian Kang was very quick to propose, the latter commented, “Because I love you so much. And I already know that we’re very well suited. You ticked all the boxes. Every quality that I like, you have it. So I thought why waste time? I had no doubts. That’s why I just did it [proposed].” Finally, he sweetly concluded, “We’re engaged now. You’re my fiancée. I’m so lucky, baby. I love you.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Check out Julien Kang in “Marriage, Not Dating” below:

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