Watch: Hoshi, Joshua, Kyuhyun, And More Hilariously Prank Lee Seung Gi In “Bro & Marble” New Teaser

TVING’s upcoming variety show “Bro & Marble” has released fun sneak peeks ahead of its premiere tomorrow!

“Bro & Marble” is a new variety program starring Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Dong Hwi, Ji Suk Jin, Jo Se Ho, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and Hoshi as they take the Blue Marble game (South Korean board game similar to Monopoly) to a large real-life scale and enjoys a vacation in Dubai. They will “buy” landmarks in Dubai, pay “toll fees” in cash, and freely enjoy traveling within the landmarks they “own.”

Ahead of the show’s premiere, “Bro & Marble” unveiled one trailer and one highlight video previewing the first two episodes. In the first trailer, Lee Seung Gi introduces himself as the “banker” and explains the game’s rules: the players will roll the dice to move around the game board and buy the landmarks with real money to enjoy a trip together with their bro at the said landmark. There will be a total of five games with different themes (luck, all-in, magic lamp, choice, and betting) throughout the show to pick the ultimate winner, and the one with the most land certificates and cash will be deemed the winner on the last day. In the end, all of their accumulated cash and land certificate will also be converted to Korean won.

In the highlight video, the cast is given a list of missions in order to earn money. Titled “Our Seung Gi is not a fool,” the missions require the members to get an autograph from Lee Seung Gi, pat Lee Seung Gi’s head, back hug Lee Seung Gi, lie in the same bed with Lee Seung Gi, wear Lee Seung Gi’s clothes, wear Lee Seung Gi’s wig, and more.

An expert at doing missions secretly thanks to his experience in shows such as “Here Comes Trouble” (“New Journey to the West”), Kyuhyun is the first to proceed with the mission, entering Lee Seung Gi’s room when he’s in the shower to steal and wear his clothes. Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi decides to call his mom and wittily asks her, “Mom, I have to do a mission right now. Can you please say, ‘Lee Seung Gi, please give me an autograph’ later to him?” When his mom hilariously agrees, Hoshi then manages to receive Lee Seung Gi’s sign successfully without receiving much suspicion.

At one point, all of the cast also burst into laughter when seeing Yoo Yeon Seok putting his stellar acting skills to use when he naturally lies down in Lee Seung Gi’s bed while sharing small talk. Later, after seeing the mission card, Lee Seung Gi then realizes the prank and laughs in disbelief.

Watch the fun video below!

“Bro & Marble” will premiere on July 21! Catch another teaser here!

While waiting, watch Kyuhyun and Lee Seung Gi in “Peak Time” here:

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Also catch Hoshi in “K-POP GENERATION” below:

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