Namgoong Min Dishes On His New Romance Drama “My Dearest” + Why He’s Personally Looking Forward To It

Namgoong Min has shared his thoughts on his upcoming MBC drama “My Dearest”!

“My Dearest” is a new historical romance drama about star-crossed lovers whose fates become twisted due to the Qing invasion of Joseon. Namgoong Min will star as Lee Jang Hyun, a man who has declared that he will not get married, while Ahn Eun Jin will play Yoo Gil Chae, a noblewoman who dreams of finding love again even after two failed marriages.

Explaining why he had decided to star in “My Dearest,” Namgoong Min shared, “Every time I pick a new project, I’ve always chosen my projects based on the initial feeling I get when I read the script for the first time without any prior information. When I first received the script for ‘My Dearest,’ the only thing I knew about the drama before reading it was that director Kim Sung Yong would be directing it. But I read the script, and it was so much fun.”

“Even though there were unfamiliar words and phrases that we don’t often use in everyday life, since it’s a historical drama, the script was still a really easy read, and I read it all in one sitting,” continued Namgoong Min. “I think I was also able to immediately envision how director Kim Sung Yong would film it. I found those aspects of it immensely appealing. Above all else, I thought that if I did ‘My Dearest,’ I would have a great time filming it, which won me over.”

As filming for “My Dearest” began in winter 2022 and has now stretched through spring and summer 2023, the cast and crew have already been working together for three seasons of the year.

When asked what viewers should keep an eye on as they watch “My Dearest,” Namgoong Min replied, “Because we paid a lot of attention to historical accuracy while filming, we made a lot of efforts to showcase the details of our costumes and styling. Also, because the drama portrays wartime, many people did their utmost and worked their hardest to make the intermittent action scenes dynamic and realistic. I hope that the viewers will keep a close eye on these elements.”

Finally, Namgoong Min concluded up by addressing viewers directly, noting, “It’s my first time in a long while greeting you all through a historical drama.”

“Even as an actor who filmed the drama myself, I’m personally really looking forward to this drama,” he went on to share. “In particular, we traveled to lots of different places in the countryside and captured many beautiful spots in our country, so I think we’ll be able to show you lots of beautiful imagery. There are elements that people of any age will enjoy scattered throughout the drama, so please make sure to tune in.”

“My Dearest” will premiere on August 4 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Namgoong Min in his drama “The Veil” with subtitles below!

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