7 K-Dramas With Swoon-Worthy Crown Princes That Are Worth Watching

Fairytales have long spun a yarn of the handsome prince, the knight-in-shining armor who slays with his charm and valor. K-dramas too have given us several crown princes who are intelligent, quick-witted, and accomplished fighters but are also very real when it comes to expressing their emotions, never shying away from owning their true self. Here’s a look at seven K-dramas with swoon-worthy crown princes that are worth the watch.

The Red Sleeve

Inspired by documents and eulogies written by King Jeongjo for his favorite concubine the Royal Noble Consort Seong Ui Bin, “The Red Sleeve” is a heart-wrenching and achingly beautiful drama. Handsome Crown Prince Yi San (Lee Junho) is hopelessly in love with a young and spunky court maid named Deok Im (Lee Se Young), but she constantly avoids his advances and lovelorn gazes. Deok Im is a self-righteous and independent young lady who turns down Yi San’s persuasive requests to be his concubine. But as circumstances and situations lead to the inevitable, the two are not destined for the happily ever after that they hoped for.

This is a drama that stays with you, so much so that you might end up searching and reading about King Jeongjo and Seong Ui Bin. Lee Junho’s searing performance as Crown Prince Yi San and later as the compassionate emperor is captivating. He gets the tone and texture right, bringing forth his character’s anguish, helplessness, and yearning. Through this drama, Lee Junho once again showcased his growth as an actor and bagged the Baeksang award for Best Actor.

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Our Blooming Youth

The distressed Crown Prince Lee Hwan (Park Hyung Sik) is under a mysterious curse. He struggles between evil omens and lurking palace intrigues, with his inheritance in jeopardy. The only one who can save the tormented crown prince is Min Jae Yi (Jeon So Nee), a woman who has been accused of killing her fiancé’s family and is now on the run.

What’s endearing about Lee Hwan is how unafraid he is when it comes to showing his weakness and vulnerabilities. As Jae Yi takes charge, he is more than happy to support her, and there is no false sense of princely bravado. Park Hyung Sik is often known as an actor who has the ability to make his female leads shine. He is endearing in his portrayal of Lee Hwan and portrays the kind of character that makes you want to reach out and protect him.

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100 Days My Prince

Crown Prince Lee Yul (EXO’s D.O.) hates everything about being a crown prince, including life in his princely robes. He dislikes his father, the King, and he detests his loveless marriage to Kim So Hye (Han So Hee) to such an extent that he has never shown any inclination toward consummating their relationship. The reason? He has been unable to forget Yi Seo (Nam Ji Hyun), a young girl whom he had met as a child who has now disappeared, and he assumes her to be dead. But when an assassination plot against Yul goes awry, he is knocked unconscious and awakens with his memories wiped clean. Guess who nurses him back to health? It’s none other than Hong Shim, who in reality is actually Yi Seo. Now living amongst the common people, Yul marries Hong Shim to save her from being sold off to a conniving noble man. Though Hong Shim remembers her past, she has no idea that her husband is Yul, her friend. Yul on the other hand is developing a keen interest in his new bride. Will the two recognize each other, and will Yul finally get his memories back?

“100 Days My Prince” is a fun and light watch. D.O. is awesome as Yul, the sullen crown prince and also as the clueless peasant boy. Lee Yul and Hong Shim are also a compatible match with their differing personalities.

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Love in the Moonlight

The mischievous Crown Prince Lee Young (Park Bo Gum) and his stoic bodyguard Kim Byung Yeon (Kwak Dong Yeon) have been friends since childhood. Lee Young is bright, but his unpredictable nature makes people weary of him. He has a love-hate relationship with his father, the King, whom he blames for his mother’s death, but he is fond of the Queen Consort and his little sister. Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung), a young girl, is moonlighting as a man so as to fend for herself. Her surmounting debts lead her to getting sold to the eunuch academy, and she finds herself at the royal palace. As Eunuch Hong, she constantly finds herself in the presence of Lee Young. The inevitable happens when Lee Young finds himself drawn toward Ra On, and unaware that she is a woman, he becomes confused regarding his feelings.

“Love in the Moonlight” is a coming-of-age drama with a youthful vibe and dramatic plot twists. Park Bo Gum is charming and captures the spotlight as the jocular young prince, who does not think twice from making his feelings obvious, especially when he is attracted to Ra On.

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Crown Prince Lee Chang (Joo Ji Hoon) is curious about his father, who, according to rumors, has died. However, the young and pregnant queen and her father don’t want Lee Chang to ascend the throne since his mother was a concubine and not the queen. As a strange disease breaks out in the kingdom, Lee Chang suspects that his dead father might have turned into a flesh-eating zombie. Can Lee Chang save the day for his people and his kingdom?

“Kingdom” is a riveting and gripping thriller. Joo Ji Hoon’s Lee Chang is a far cry from his dashing character Crown Prince Lee Shin in “Princess Hours,” but he portrays the valiant crown prince giving his best shot as he wrestles between an apocalypse and his own turbulent emotions.

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella”

A spirited queen named Im Hwa Ryung (Kim Hye Soo) tries to discipline her trouble-making sons so as to make one of them the next king of Joseon while her competitors vie to snatch the throne. Sung Nam (Moon Sang Min), the Grand Prince, knows how to react first and think later. After the death of his older brother who is the crown prince (Bae In Hyuk), he is the next in line. Along with his mother, the queen, he sets out to find out the truth behind the death of the crown prince.

The drama showcases how a young immature prince transitions to become a mature and thoughtful crown prince. Moon Sang Min balances the mental as well as the physical aspects of his character, metamorphosing from a young boy to a man of integrity. As a crown prince who stands up for his people and his family, he is your true blue prince charming. “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” is a refreshing drama. It won critical acclaim, topping viewing charts for its strong and influential portrayal of women in the Joseon period and also for highlighting the educational system.

“Alchemy of Souls”

The grumpy Crown Prince Go Won (Shin Seung Ho), the next King of Daeho, may come across as a prickly character, but his heart is in the right place. He aspires to be a benevolent and empathetic monarch, though he finds himself in an uncomfortable relationship with Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook), who was born with with the imperial star. Though he loves to hate and hate to love Jang Wook, Go Won’s heart belongs to Deok Yi (Jung So Min), an elite warrior who can see through him and also causes upheavals in his life.

As Go Won, Shin Seung Ho made a dashing and charismatic crown prince, and his petty and mischievous nature is off set well by his majestic dignity and piercing stares.

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