From Kwon Sang Woo To Kim Hee Won And Sung Dong Il, Meet The

Upcoming Disney+ series “Han River Police” has unveiled posters of its six main characters!

“Han River” is an action-comedy drama that follows the Han River Police Team as they become embroiled in crimes surrounding the river they guard day and night.

The new character posters highlight the distinct personalities of the six characters, along with their respective goals and beliefs, through eye-catching captions and expressive faces. Each character has their unique strain of personality and leadership, which is revealed through their poster’s caption.

First, there is Du Jin, played by Kwon Sang Woo, who exhibits a strong conviction to safeguard the river. His caption reads, “Protect the river!” and “First, we go [to the scene].”

In contrast, there is Chun Seok (played by Kim Hee Won), whose caption declares, “First, we go home.” His eagerness for an early departure from work, emphasized by his frown, adds a touch of humor to his job-worn demeanor.

Then there is Na Hee (played by Bae Da Bin), who exudes extraordinary competitiveness. Her caption reads, “Bring it on!” and “First, we get involved.”

Officer Ji Soo (played by Shin Hyun Seung) is driven by his own goals, which mostly have to do with preventing muscle loss. He is also characterized by the caption, “First, we ask questions.”

The last of the bunch is the chief officer, played by Sung Dong Il. He rallies up the team with the motto, “First, we get everyone together.”

The posters also hint at the intense showdown coming up between the Han River Police and the cunning villain Ki Seok (played by Lee Sang Yi), who goes by the phrases “Destroy the Han River!” and “First, we run.”

“Han River” will premiere on Disney+ on September 13.

In the meantime, watch Kwon Sang Woo in “Curtain Call” below:

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