Kim Hieora's Agency Denies Allegations About Her Past + Actress Personally Writes Message

Kim Hieora’s agency has released a lengthy statement refuting recent allegations made against the actress.

Previously on September 6, Dispatch released a lengthy report regarding accusations of Kim Hieora being a member of what was allegedly an iljin (school bullying) group called Big Sangji at Sangji Girls’ Middle School.

In response to the report, Kim Hieora’s agency GRAM Entertainment firmly denied Kim Hieora’s participation in iljin related activities and school violence, adding that they will take strong legal action against malicious actions that defame their actress.

The following is Kim Hieora’s agency’s full statement:

Hello. This is actress Kim Hieora’s agency GRAM Entertainment.

Above all, we feel apologetic for causing concern through sudden news regarding actress Kim Hieora today.

Regarding the press report about actress Kim Hieora, we share the agency’s statement as follows.

First of all, we want to directly reveal the truth regarding how the report about actress Kim Hieora came out and the allegations of school violence that were raised by the specific news report.

It is true that actress Kim Hieora joined an [online] cafe named Big Sangji that she made with friends while enrolled in Sangji Girls’ Middle School, and it is true that she hung out with the members.

However, we want to reveal that all the allegations that the news outlet reported are false.

The relevant news outlet gave a call saying that they received a tip regarding Kim Hieora and that they wanted to review this and make it into an article, so a meeting was made to discuss the actress’s memories at the time in order for her to give an explanation after the actress’s memories and the informant’s memories did not align.

Unlike the provocative title of the relevant exclusive article, the actress has never acknowledged her participation in iljin (school bullying) related activities, and she has never participated in iljin activities. She never engaged in school violence. We once again inform you that these are the truths that actress Kim Hieora discussed with the media outlet that visited her.

Furthermore, the media outlet and actress learned that the informants’ mention of actress Kim Hieora to the relevant media outlet stemmed from a mistake and misunderstanding. We resolved the misunderstanding with the informants, they apologized to the actress, and we informed the media outlet of this truth. Thus, we thought that the events at the time were wrapped up as a misunderstanding that occurred.

Unlike what was reported, the Big Sangji [online] cafe was not an iljin gathering, and there were many ordinary students who joined the cafe as well. We will refute this aspect with specific details later on.

Actress Kim Hieora gave an explanation to the outlet’s reporters at the time, and it remains unchanged that we want to confidently say that the information is not true at present.

Unfortunately, however, the relevant media outlet released a speculative report stating that [the original report] was based on numerous tip-offs.

We emphasize again that actress Kim Hieora never participated in iljin activities, and she has never acknowledged participating in iljin activities or participated in school violence. We will actively clarify [the situation] by continuously revealing detailed information regarding the speculative reports and false allegations linked to that.

Finally, we urge everyone to stop circulating and reproducing baseless speculation and false information, and we reveal that we will take strong legal action against malicious actions that defame our agency’s actors.

We sincerely ask media officials to refrain from speculative reports that are not true, and we once again apologize for disappointing many people today.

Thank you for waiting until so late.

Also read Kim Hieora’s Instagram post below:

I apologize for causing concern today.
Like I appealed with heartfelt feelings, I plan on facing every situation honestly and calmly.
I am apologetic once again to those who support and trust me, and I sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt by me even at this moment. As I know that many people trust me, I will continue forward without lies. I ask that you watch over me.

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