9 K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Fall Playlist

As the leaves start to turn red and orange, we reach for our knit sweaters and hot lattes. Summer is ending, but the fall brings a sense of renewal. Listen to these songs below to celebrate or contemplate what autumn can bring.

BTS – “Dead Leaves”

BTS uses the metaphor of falling leaves to reflect on a relationship that is souring. The melancholy lyrics paired with the strong beat is unexpected just like how the leaves changing can sometimes catch you off-guard. “Dead Leaves” is the perfect song to listen to if you want to be melancholic for a little bit.

Baekhyun and Suzy – “Dream”

With its jazzy melody, “Dream” evokes the feeling of being cozy in a cabin. As Baekhyun and Suzy sing about dreaming about the other, the song will make your heart flutter with the possibility of an autumn romance. If you want to be lost in a fall reverie, “Dream” will make a great companion to take a walk amongst the falling leaves.

Ladies Code – “The Rain”

Like its title, “The Rain” is a must listen for a rainy fall day. The members’ elegant vocals sing about a lover who’s no longer interested backed by a slight electronic beat, creating a song that’s moody and wistful. Turn “The Rain” on a drizzly day when you’re stuck inside.

Red Velvet (ft. Taeyong) – “Be Natural”

“Be Natural” really shows off their “velvet” side with its jazzy vocals and sultry choreography. It’s a perfect song to get ready to on a crisp fall day as it will no doubt make you feel confident. The members sing about being happy under an open window. Why not take some inspiration from them and do the same?

Purple Kiss – “Sweet Juice”

With plaid outfits and sumptuous interiors, the Purple Kiss members evoke a dark autumn night in the “Sweet Juice” music video. The song is sensual and a little eerie at the same time giving the impression of walking into a haunted house. Let the hypnotic lyrics take over you.

ATEEZ – “The Black Cat Nero”

ATEEZ went all out with this cover of Turbo’s “Black Cat Nero.” Singing about the titular cat, the ATEEZ members are decked out in Halloween fits of all black complete with scarred faces. It’ll no doubt hype you up for your Halloween party or just whenever you need a pick-me-up on a cold fall night.

IU – “Autumn Morning”

“Autumn Morning” is a cover of a popular Korean folk song with IU’s dreamy voice really shining through. The instrumentation is minimal and lovely. As the song title suggests, IU sings about all the beautiful things about an autumn morning. Put this song on for an autumn morning walk, and take a moment to catch your breath.

Epik High (ft. Sung Ah) – “Coffee”

“Coffee” is a pleasant, warm song that will remind you of a lazy fall day. Indeed, the lyrics talk about doing particularly nothing with already being on your fifth cup of coffee. Fall asleep to this song on an autumn day’s nap or daydream in a coffee shop to this song.

DAY6 – “Man in a Movie”

“Man in a Movie” perfectly shows off DAY6’s softer and sweeter side along with their rock vocals. The upbeat melody makes you feel as if you’re strolling down a sunlit fall day complete with your cutest sweater and a latte. Like the title, turn this song on when you want to feel like the main character of a movie.

Hey Soompiers! What are some songs you would add to a K-pop fall playlist? Tell us in the comments!

Sarah K. is a freelance writer. She enjoys watching Korean movies, and her favorite groups include SHINee, Red Velvet, BTS, and Epik High.

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