Lee Sun Gyun Steps Down From Upcoming Thriller Drama

Lee Sun Gyun will be stepping down from the upcoming drama “No Way Out” (literal title).

On October 23, industry insiders reported that Lee Sun Gyun will be stepping down from “No Way Out” following news of his drug-related allegations. Ilgan Sports further reported that the production team postponed filming for two weeks to adjust the cast.

In response to the reports, “No Way Out” released the following statement:

Immediately after the unfortunate incident regarding actor Lee Sun Gyun occurred last week, [Lee Sun Gyun] inevitably expressed his intention to step down as they determined that it will take a considerable amount of time to organize the situation.

The production team agreed to accept the actor’s stance in agreement with the management. Filming is currently underway as scheduled and will not postponed.

“No Way Out” is an upcoming drama that depicts the fierce confrontation between “those who want to kill” and “those who want to survive” amidst the situation where a bounty of 20 billion won (approximately $15.2 million) is placed for the murder of a heinous criminal who is released from prison.

Actor Lee Sun Gyun was originally confirmed for the leading role of Baek Joong Sik, a police officer who protects citizens from the heinous criminal.

Earlier on October 19, it was reported that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit is actively conducting an internal investigation against top actor “L” and seven others on charges of violating the Drugs Control Act. As speculations grew of actor “L” being Lee Sun Gyun, his agency released a statement announcing that they are in the process of verifying the facts regarding the allegations and that they will be fully cooperating with any investigations conducted by authorities.

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