Jung Woo Sung Is A Hearing-Impaired Painter In Upcoming Drama

Upcoming drama “Tell Me You Love Me” has shared stills of Jung Woo Sung!

“Tell Me You Love Me” is a new ENA series based on an award-winning Japanese romance drama. Jung Woo Sung will take on the role of Cha Jin Woo, a hearing-impaired person who feels freedom in his own quiet world and is easygoing despite the prejudice against him. Shin Hyun Been will play Jung Mo Eun, an unknown actress with self-respect who proudly chases her dreams and love. The drama also marks a collaboration between “Love in the Moonlight” writer Kim Min Jung and “Our Beloved Summer” director Kim Yoon Jin.

To Cha Jin Woo, who lost his hearing due to a fever when he was a child, painting is his whole world, and tranquility is the source of his inspiration. One of the newly released stills depicts Cha Jin Woo immersed in painting, while another captures him at an art center affectionately teaching art to students with hearing impairment.

In another photo, Cha Jin Woo wears a bright smile as he conveys his feelings to Jung Mo Eun using sign language. The quiet life of Cha Jin Woo, who is accustomed to being alone, undergoes a major change when he meets Jung Mo Eun, and it remains to be seen what kinds of exciting changes Jung Mo Eun will bring to Cha Jin Woo’s daily life.

On how he feels about starring in a drama for the first time in 11 years, Jung Woo Sung shared, “I actually really wanted to star in a romance drama, but as I was constantly busy working on movies, there was no way to fit one into my schedule.”

Describing his character, he continued, “Jin Woo is hearing-impaired. Through Jin Woo, we will be able to see how well we, who communicate through spoken language, understand each other’s words and how accurately we convey our words using the same language, and whether we are communicating incorrectly or not.”

Regarding how he prepared for his role, he revealed, “I paid a lot of attention to my facial expressions so that people who don’t know sign language can still understand what is going on in any given situation. Sign language is also a language that expresses emotions, so I wanted my emotions to be reflected in my hand gestures. I prepared by talking a lot with the sign language teacher on the set of the drama.”

He went on to add, “Brushstrokes are not something that can be learned in a short period of time. I tried my best to perfectly capture Cha Jin Woo’s  life and experience in his brushstrokes.”

“Tell Me You Love Me” will premiere on November 27 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Jung Woo Sung in “Steel Rain 2” below!

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