3 Reasons To Tune Into Jung Woo Sung And Shin Hyun Been’s “Tell Me You Love Me”

ENA’s newest title “Tell Me You Love Me” has shared reasons to tune into the drama!

Based on an award-winning Japanese romance drama, “Tell Me You Love Me” is a collaboration between “Love in the Moonlight” writer Kim Min Jung and “Our Beloved Summer” director Kim Yoon Jin. Jung Woo Sung takes on the role of Cha Jin Woo, a hearing-impaired person who feels freedom in his own quiet world and who is easygoing despite the prejudice against him. Shin Hyun Been plays Jung Mo Eun, an unknown actress with self-respect who proudly chases her dreams and love.

Below are three reasons to start watching “Tell Me You Love Me”:

The chemistry between Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been

One of the main points viewers should look forward to in “Tell Me You Love Me” is the chemistry between the main leads. Director Kim Yoon Jin cited the chemistry between Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been as his reason for choosing the drama, further heightening expectations for their chemistry.

Starring in his first romance drama in 11 years, Jung Woo Sung plays Cha Jin Woo, a hearing impaired painter whose world is all about painting. He undergoes a significant transformation through his fateful encounter with Jung Mo Eun. Shin Hyun Been delivers a stellar performance as Jung Mo Eun, a young woman who dreams of becoming an actress. Through the whirlwind of emotions caused by Cha Jin Woo, she realizes true love and grows as an actress. Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been skillfully express deep and diverse emotions. Viewers are already anticipating the story of Cha Jin Woo and Jung Mo Eun, who will create unfamiliar waves in each other’s worlds.

The love story between a hearing impaired painter and an aspiring actress

Viewers should also look forward to the excitement Jung Mo Eun will bring to Cha Jin Woo’s quiet world and the tranquility Cha Jin Woo will bring to Jung Mo Eun’s intense world.

Jung Woo Sung piques viewers’ curiosity about the changes Jung Mo Eun will bring to Cha Jin Woo’s world by urging them to look forward to “the excitement of their first meeting, as well as Cha Jin Woo’s hesitation.” He added, “There are huge vibrations of emotions in Cha Jin Woo’s quiet world. I hope you can feel the immense reverberation in the silence.”

Shin Hyun Been commented, “A person who lives in a world full of sound meets a person who lives in a world without sound. I hope you can watch how their worlds change and cheer for their progress,” adding, “I hope you will enjoy our drama’s warm story about two people who understand and love each other even though they speak different languages.” She concluded, “It’s a drama with a slightly new and unfamiliar concept. I hope you tune in.”

A collaboration between director Kim Yoon Jin and writer Kim Min Jung

“Tell Me You Love Me” is highly anticipated for being a collaboration between “Love in the Moonlight” writer Kim Min Jung and “Our Beloved Summer” director Kim Yoon Jin. The drama will stand out for its deep and emotional storyline, beautiful cinematography, and a great soundtrack. Anticipation for the drama is further heightened by the participation of music director Nam Hye Seung, who has previously worked on the OSTs of numerous hit dramas such as, “Our Beloved Summer,” “Mr. Sunshine,” and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.”

Director Kim Yoon Jin shared, “The drama may feel different from previous works. However, it’s a drama that focuses on the value of trying to understanding someone.”

Writer Kim Min Jung explained, “The drama sincerely tries to convey the true meaning and value of ‘love.’ Please watch how powerful and moving it is to cherish and value someone deeply.”

“Tell Me You Love Me” premiered on November 27 at 9 p.m. KST.

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