10 Must-Watch Namgoong Min K-Dramas

If you’ve been a long-standing K-drama watcher, chances are you’ve watched a few of Namgoong Min’s projects and were impressed with his acting abilities. Namgoong Min is a highly acclaimed South Korean actor known for his versatile performances across various genres and has even been dubbed “the king of acting.” With an extensive career spanning both television and film, he has garnered widespread recognition for his exceptional acting skills and ability to become the characters he portrays so effortlessly. Namgoong Min’s charismatic presence on screen and his dedication to his craft have solidified his status as a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment industry. Here are just a few of the plethora of projects that fans of Namgoong Min should definitely check out.

1. “Good Manager

Kim Sung Ryong (Namgoong Min) has a bit of a troubled past. He used to work with gangsters but was able to get away and get a job in the accounting department of a company. With ill intentions at first, he seems to butt heads with Seo Yul (Lee Junho), a prosecutor who becomes the director of finance.

This series excels in blending humor with a compelling storyline. It stands out for its unique take on the corporate world, offering a satirical and refreshing perspective on office politics. The dynamic characters, especially the protagonist Kim Sung Ryong, contribute to the drama’s success, making it a delightful watch with its clever writing and entertaining plot twists. The series even managed to snag a Best Couple award between Namgoong Min and Lee Jun Ho, which was a total delight to see!

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2. “The Veil

Namgoong Min stars as Han Ji Hyuk in a high-stakes spy drama, portraying an elite field agent with a legendary reputation at the National Intelligence Service. Despite his success in cornering an organized crime syndicate, Han Ji Hyuk mysteriously loses his memories and disappears for a year. Upon his bold return, he is determined to uncover the traitor within the organization who attempted to eliminate his entire team.

In order to prepare for his role, Namgoong Min trained for months to get into the best shape of his life, spending most of his days at the gym and eating a high protein diet. His hard work definitely paid off as he was able to become his character completely, also showing the baggage and torment that his character endured in the past. Namgoong Min’s excellent performance earned him the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards.

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3. “Stove League

Namgoong Min stars as Baek Seung Soo, a new general manager who must do his best to overturn the losing streak that the baseball team Dreams has had to endure for far too long. They are in last place, and Seung Soo is hired to try and improve their team, but he does far more than this. He challenges the higher-ups and pushes them to make decisions in order to create the perfect team that can win a championship. The series also stars Park Eun Bin as Lee Se Young, the operations manager who has devoted her life to the team.

Even if you’re not into sports, you’ll appreciate this one. This highly acclaimed and award-winning series shines for its approach to the sports genre. The well-developed characters, intricate plot twists, and the charismatic performance of Namgoong Min as the team’s new leader contribute to the drama’s success, making it a compelling and engaging watch for both sports enthusiasts and general viewers.

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4. “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim”

Kong Shim (Minah) and Ahn Dan Tae (Namgoong Min) meet when Ahn Dan Tae comes to see the apartment Kong Shim is giving up for rent. Kong Shim is broke and needs the money, so she moves back in with her parents, who live in the same building. This obviously calls for a lot of random run-ins with each other at the convenience store, the park, and the street. The two characters develop a love/hate relationship with each other.

Namgoong Min as Ahn Dan Tae is hysterically amazing. His ability to seamlessly switch between comedy and emotional depth adds layers to the character, making him both endearing and relatable. It’s an underrated series, and both leads make it an entertaining watch; all Namgoong Min fans should definitely check this one out!

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5. “One Dollar Lawyer”

“One Dollar Lawyer” stars Namgoong Min as Cheon Ji Hoon and Kim Ji Eun as Baek Ma Ri. Ji Hoon is a lawyer who only charges one dollar for his services. He is a lawyer that seeks justice and fairness for his clients and is fearless.

This series garnered quite a bit of buzz, mainly because the story was very enticing. Seeing each case and how the underdogs overcome seemingly impossible obstacles with the help of Cheon Ji Hoon is inspiring. Viewers will love the hopeful tone of the series and positive messaging that people can overcome evil even if they are poor and seemingly have no one on their side.

6. “Doctor Prisoner

“Doctor Prisoner” is a medical suspense drama featuring Namgoong Min as Nah Yi Jae, a brilliant and compassionate doctor forced to leave his prestigious position at a large hospital due to an unfortunate incident. Undeterred, he takes on a new role as the medical director in a prison. The series unfolds as Nah Yi Jae navigates his new life, utilizing his exceptional skills and caring nature to prioritize the well-being of the inmates in the prison medical department.

With the talk of there being a second season, fans are already anticipating the epic return of Nah Yi Jae. Namgoong Min’s performance is outstanding in this series, and his ability to convey a wide range of emotions adds a compelling depth to the character. Namgoong Min’s captivating portrayal, combined with the gripping storyline and suspenseful plot twists, makes “Doctor Prisoner” a must-watch, showcasing his prowess as a versatile actor in the Korean drama scene.

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7. “Can You Hear My Heart?”

Bong Woo Ri (Hwang Jung Eum), a devoted daughter, navigates life after the tragic loss of her deaf mother and intellectually disabled stepfather. In her search for her step-brother, Bong Ma Roo (Namgoong Min), who never returned after a promise, she encounters Cha Dong Joo (Kim Jae Won). Dong Joo, hiding a childhood hearing loss, and Woo Ri discover their unexpected connection through Ma Roo, now known as Jang Joon Ha, sparking a journey of reconciliation and untangling family secrets.

In this heart-wrenching drama, Namgoong Min’s ability to convey the challenges and triumphs of his character is truly commendable, and his ability to portray such vast emotions from beginning to end is remarkable. His authenticity and sincerity in bringing his character to life contribute significantly to the emotional impact of the series, making “Can You Hear My Heart?” so memorable.

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8. “The Girl Who Sees Smells

“The Girl Who Sees Smells” follows Choi Eun Seol (Shin Se Kyung), who, after surviving a murder attempt, gains the ability to see smells (synesthesia). Teaming up with detective Choi Moo Gak (Park Yoo Chun), who lost his sense of taste and smell after his sister’s murder, they work together to solve a series of mysterious killings. The drama combines romance, comedy, and crime as the duo unravels the truth behind the murders.

Although Namgoong Min is known for his infectious smile, in this particular role he was very deceptive and gave us the chills. He had a dark side that viewers were unaware of at first glance, but as his character developed, you realize that he is a villain. The complexities of his character are so well showcased, and this was just one of the many roles that solidified Namgoong Min’s stellar skills as an actor.

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9. “Remember

“Remember” is a gripping South Korean drama centered around Seo Jin Woo, portrayed by Yoo Seung Ho, a young man with an uncanny memory. After his father is falsely accused of murder and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, Jin Woo dedicates his life to clearing his father’s name. Facing a challenging legal system, Jin Woo studies law to become an attorney, determined to prove his father’s innocence. As he battles against powerful adversaries, the drama unfolds with intense courtroom scenes, emotional struggles, and a quest for justice.

Namgoong Min’s compelling portrayal contributes to the overall success of “Remember,” a legal thriller that explores themes of justice and revenge, making it a gripping and emotionally charged drama for audiences. His ability to tap into his villainous side struck a chord with viewers as people were genuinely scared of his character. This is only a testament to how versatile his acting skills really are!

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10. “My Dearest

“My Dearest” is a historical romance drama featuring star-crossed lovers whose destinies take a twist during the Qing invasion of Joseon. Namgoong Min takes on the role of Lee Jang Hyun, a man staunchly against marriage, while Ahn Eun Jin portrays Yoo Gil Chae, a noblewoman with dreams of finding love despite experiencing two failed marriages. The series explores their love story against the backdrop of political turmoil and personal struggles during a challenging period in Joseon history.

Namgoong Min as Lee Jang Hyun is one for the books. His ability to portray such emotional depth, love, and passion for the woman he loves is a performance that viewers will have engrained in their memory for a long time. Namgoong Min had mentioned that this was the most he has ever put into a role, and it shows with his flawless performance.

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