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BE’O has taken time for an exclusive interview with Soompi!

The hip hop artist first rose to fame through his appearance on “Show Me the Money 10,” where he ranked No. 3, and has released major hits such as “Counting Stars.” Recently on November 28, BE’O returned with his latest single “MAD” and sat down with Soompi to talk about the song and share more about himself with international fans.

Read our exclusive interview below:

How did you end up creating “MAD”? Please share the story behind the song’s creation!

I felt a lot of pressure because it’s been nine months since my last comeback, but this song was actually created from those emotions. I was feeling frustrated because there was so little progress in my work, and this song came out while I was just humming, feeling like I was going “MAD.”

Did you share “MAD” with your family or friends before its release? How were their reactions?

When I played the song to one of my friends, they said, “This song is MAD just like its title.” I remember their reaction because they liked it that much.

The “MAD” music video was filmed in Los Angeles. Are there any memorable moments from filming?

The most memorable moment happened before filming the final scene of the music video. With only one last scene to film, a drunk person started to interfere with our filming intentionally. They got into an argument with the security guards who were controlling the filming site, so the filming got delayed for about an hour due to this. Although I was annoyed at that time, it became a memorable incident.

When you write songs, do you tend to compose the melody first or write the lyrics first?

It depends on the situation, but usually I hum the melody first and then write lyrics that go well with that melody.

Of the songs that you have written, are there lyrics that you are especially proud of?

I personally like the part, “Hated you yesterday, begged you today, it’s meaningless tomorrow,” from my new song “MAD.”

Do you have a role model when it comes to music?

My role model when it comes to music is Justin Bieber. I like taking on diverse challenges, and I think Justin Bieber is an artist who pulls off diverse concepts well, so he is an artist that I want to take after a lot.

If you were to go back in time to before your appearance on “Show Me the Money 10,” what advice do you want to give yourself?

I want to tell myself, “Just do you.” While appearing on “Show Me the Money,” I felt that it’s most important to do my own thing! I think I would advise myself to just do it the way I am because I prepared well.

Are there any fans that are especially memorable to you?

I always remember fans who congratulate my anniversaries and special occasions on large billboards at subway stations or on the street where other people can see them. They pay more attention to those special days more than I do myself and congratulate me sincerely. They are the people who always support me, so I am always very grateful to them.

What is your favorite K-drama?

I enjoyed watching “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” the most. I loved the drama’s OST, and the fantasy elements such as the goblin and grim reaper were also novel.

Do you have any TMI about yourself to share with fans?

I really like webtoons! I like webtoons so much that I read almost everything that is released.

Is there a goal you want to achieve next year?

Next year, my goal is to enter the Billboard charts. I want to become an artist with the “worldwide” title.

Please share a word to fans abroad!

I will continue to impress fans with good songs, so please look forward to it! I also hope to meet fans abroad often!

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Also watch his “MAD” music video:

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