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Song Xing Chen (Gülnezar Bextiyar) is a doctor, who would rather be in high-end designer wear than her scrubs. She has fulfilled her parents’ dream to be a doctor but does not enjoy her job much, and her performance records at the hospital are average. She decides to quit and join her friend in running her lingerie store Sunset Rouge. The day she walks out of the hospital and into her “new life,” she doesn’t realize that a lot of things will end up changing for her. She witnesses a fearless man rescue a puppy, and though she is unable to catch what he looks like, he takes a glimpse at her and looks smitten. The man in question is Su Qing Che (Xu Kai Cheng), the leader of a rescue team. He is a self confirmed bachelor and has literally no dating history to boast of.

The two meet again, being set up on a blind date. Xing Chen walks in to ruin everything, and Su Qing Che is left wondering how deceptive first impressions can be. They argue, and it turns out to be classic case of hate at first sight, but fate has a strange way of unravelling things. Xing Chen volunteers to be part of the Night Rescue team and is horrified to see Su Qing Che as the man in charge. The initial aloofness transforms into friendship, and the two, though attracted to the other, play along to see who will confess first. If this sounds like your kind of drama, keep reading to find out three reasons to watch “Got a Crush on You.”

An interesting role reversal

Love stories usually come with the over confident and hard to get male lead, who is experienced in matters of the heart and bides his time in confessing. Instead, we have a self-assured, “butter won’t melt in her mouth” female lead in Xing Chen. She is aware of her looks and the impact she has on men. She is not the type who gets swept with compliments and neither does she needs saving. Yes, she does play hard to get with Su Qing Che, well aware that he has a crush on her. A funny moment is when Qing Che, who cannot hold his drinks, throws up, and she is the one who cleans him and takes him home. When he wakes up, he asks if something happened, and she brushes him off saying, “What do you think would have happened?” This kind of scenario is usually the opposite in dramas. Xing Chen knows the impact she has on him and is experienced in the matters of the heart in comparison to Qing Che’s inexperience. The dynamics are cute as he is shown as being jealous and bumbling in her presence, and she enjoys every moment and lets him do the chasing. Xing Chen is shown as the one who is unexpressive in matters of the heart, whilst Su Qing Che is transparent about his feelings, which makes it a fun dynamic to watch.

An endearing male lead

Su Qing Che is a green flag in all respects. He is the best in his job, and though in matters of the heart he is a novice, he wears his heart proudly on his sleeve. When Xing Chen mocks him and puts him down, he does not react nor is he the kind to hold grudges. A telling moment is when he sees during training that she has severe period cramps, and he calls up someone to ask what medicine women need to take during that time of the month and gets her the required pain killers. He is Mr. Reliable as well as a man who does not feel threatened to let his woman take the lead. Xing Chen takes him for granted and can also come across as distant, but he openly shows and confesses his feelings. Xu Kai Cheng does a good job in bringing forth the character’s simplicity, and he has cute chemistry with Gülnezar Bextiyar.

A simple and uncomplicated story

“Got a Crush on You” is a simple story. There are no scheming exes, disapproving parents, or unnecessary drama. Though the show sometimes reminds one of “Descendants of the Sun” and “Fireworks in My Heart,” it holds its own. The bromance between Su Qing Che and his best friend and comrade Lu Quin (Zhang He) is also fun, especially the banter between the two over Su Qing Che’s lack of experience with women. Xing Chen is shown as a woman who knows her mind and stands by her decisions in life, and it’s nice to see that she is not belittled for the same either. The relationship between Su Qing Che and Xing Chen is a healthy one, though at times it can feel a tad one-sided, since she does not seem as invested as he is. Overall, “Got a Crush on You” is a no-fuss, simple love story, and it makes for a decent holiday watch.

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